Monday, December 15, 2008


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DBM issues guidelines for granting of performance bonus to state workers

Manila -- Budget Secretary Rolando G. Andaya Jr., has issued on December 11, 2008 Budget Circular No. 2008-5 to implement Administrative Order No. 250 signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on December 10, 2008.

Pursuant to AO No. 250, all personnel of the Government are entitled to receive a one-time reward of a maximum of Ten Thousand Pesos each as performance bonus, in recognition of their commendable effort in attaining efficiency in government operations, despite the economic difficulties which may arise as a result of the global financial crisis.

Secretary Andaya said that all permanent, temporary, casual or contractual personnel of national government agencies including government owned and controlled corporations and government financial institutions whose salaries are charged against their Personal Services allocation and who are still in service as of November 30, 2008, are entitled to receive the performance bonus.

The Performance Bonus will not be granted to personnel of NGAs, GOCCs and GFIs who have already received extra cash gift or additional benefit in Fiscal Year 2008 over and above the year-end benefit authorized under RA 6686, as amended by RA 8441 as implemented by Budget Circular No. 2005-6 dated October 28, 2005.

The DBM shall release, the amount of P7,000 per employee of NGAs not belonging to the Constitutional Offices/Fiscal Autonomy Group, chargeable against the unreleased appropriations under the Fiscal Year 2008 budget which was pooled by DBM for the purpose.

The remaining Performance Bonus requirements of P3,000 per employee of NGAS shall be charged against their respective savings in allotment. In the event that the agency savings is insufficient to coven in full the remaining P3,000 per employee, DBM said, that payment thereof shall be subject to the amount available as savings provided that a uniform amount shall be given to all employees.

The total requirements of P10,000 per employee of NGAs belonging to the CFAG like congress, CSC, Judiciary, COA, Comelec, CHR and Ombudsman, shall be charged against the available savings in allotment. In the event that the CFAG does not have sufficient savings to cover in full the P10,000 per employee, payment thereof shall be subject to the amount available as savings provided that a uniform amount shall be given to all employees.

For GOCCs and GFI, the amount needed shall be charged against their respective corporate funds.

Those who are not entitled to receive the Performance Bonus are government personnel who are absent without leave; those who have been hired not as part of the organic manpower of agencies but as consultant or experts; student laborers; apprentices; laborers of contracted projects; those whose remuneration are not taken from the budgetary allocation for Personal Services; those who are formally charged with administrative cases as well as criminal cases which relate to acts or omissions in connection with their official duties and functions and found guilty, except when the penalty is a mere reprimand.

The performance bonus of government personnel detailed with another government agency or special projects, shall be drawn from their respective mother agency. In the case of those paid from project funds, the Performance Bonus shall be drawn from the same source where they draw their salaries.

The performance bonus of government personnel employed on a part-time basis shall be pro-rated corresponding to the services rendered.

For personnel who transferred from one agency to another, their performance bonus shall be granted by their new office.

Government personnel who have received any unauthorized extra cash gift or additional benefit or allowance prior to the issuance of the Circular shall refund any excess of the amount herein authorized or shall be entitled to the difference if they receive less than P10,000. (PIA 8)


We are not going to be entitled by performance bonus announced last Friday by the President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

If I remember it right, a performance bonus was also released last 2007 stating the same guidelines and all contractual employees of the Fund (known as the agency-hired contractual employees) are happy of the good news and only to find out that we are not part of the said "performance bonus". It turned out that the term contractual in the guidelines refers to the casual employees of an agency. We must have misinterpreted it but the term "performance bonus" says otherwise.

They should have called it "government employee bonus" because non entitlement of the "performance bonus" is just like saying you are not performing under the agency you are in. There are almost 30 personnel in our office who are agency-hired and we are hoping to be absorbed by the company we are in but due to the slow movement of the organizational structure, it became unattainable for us. I am merely stating the facts what is happening in the regional offices and it would also be guide to the management ( if they have or have no idea that agency-hired employees exist).

As much as we want to be treated equally like the regular employees in the benefits aspect, in the end it will just be a dream. We just want to be recognized as part of the Fund that we are working in. We want to grow and be motivated. I am writing this to let other people know that working in a government is not a bed of roses ( as my neighbors think) but it means WORK!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


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Its Jolibee once again..Jollibee has been part of our office since Family Day 2008 at the People's Park opening. I was about to laugh when I heard the news the it is going to be in People's Park. but I didn't expect that I will be awed by the place.(Note:You should have seen People's Park before, it's way far from what it is now) The kids had fun and we had the chance to take pictures with Jollibee and in the People's Park grounds. We were joking that the picture is for Friendster purposes (actually, it is true..this picture is in my Friendster account.hehehe).

This coming December 18, 2008, our office will have Salo-Salo at the Office to have a uniform celebration for the entire office around the Philippines. Funny is that for the first time, we will start the Salo-Salo simultaneously with other branches. So I am expecting TV screens and live feed of the Salo-Salo.Hmmmm..very high tech na ang Pag-IBIG Fund.

Due to the global economic crisis, the management decided that instead of spending the budget to have a glamorous and expensive party, we will just have a Salo-Salo at the office and feast on Jollibee. All the Hawaiian ideas disappeared and I am saying adios to Pearl Farm Marina.huhuhu.

Anyway, I believe that Christmas is not measured by the gifts you receive, the foods at your table or how expensive is the venue of your party. I think it is the togetherness and love of the people around you. We should set aside whatever misunderstandings we have in the past and move on. Share your love to others and be a friend to them. I just wish we always celebrate everyday as if it was Christmas and I hope that I'll never get tired of Jollibee.

Friday, November 28, 2008


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Can you imagine what I looked like last Wednesday when I saw in the movie billboards, Bolt! and Twilight? My eyes are beaming with delight and I can't wait for Thursday.

I have been waiting for this two movies and I am very eager to watch. I remember my friend, July talking about a cartoon movie. Later I found out that she was talking about Bolt! and I got very excited. Come Saturday, I had a chance to see on TV the making and a glimpse of the movie. I learned that Miley Cyrus will voice Penny( Bolt's owner) and John Travolta as Bolt!. Cool!

The story was about a dog named Bolt, which was adopted by a girl named Penny. They became stars but all the scenes in the TV series were made for Bolt believe that he was a super dog with extraordinary powers. Bolt really believed everything especially the scene where Penny was kidnapped by the green eye villain. Due to his eagerness to rescue Penny, he jumped out the trailer and was accidentally shipped to New York City. He wanted to find Penny but on the way, he met a cat named Mittens, who looked like the sidekick of the green eye villain. He insisted that they must go together to find Penny and the villain. On the way to Hollywood, they met Rhino( the hamster) who is fanatic of Bolt!. He watched all Bolt! TV episodes and begged for Bolt to let him come with him. Their friendship was tested on the way but they never left each other. Bolt then learned that he was not super at all and he has no super powers. The journey to Hollywood taught him to know himself more and learn that friendship is very diverse.

I wasn't disappointed at all. It was hilarious and the characters were all cute. (especially the hamster even though it kinda look old.) I like the animation, the story and the learnings of the movie. The kids in the moviehouse didn't laugh as much as I did. hahaha. I like the super hero attitude of Bolt! and the bravery of Rhino(the hamster). The laugh of Rhino still echoes in my mind..hehehe.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


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Today, I realize that not all things are bad. You may think that the world has turn its back on you and that the only way is to give up. We may see situations negatively but others feel that you are lucky. Sasabihin mo na " Kung alam mo lang..." to let them know that it is really okay.

How do you really define contentment and happiness? How about stability? They say that man is never contented. Once you get what you want, you will find another thing na naman that you want. The process is never ending and it doesn't stop until you stop it. Happiness also differs depending on a person. Others find happiness in family, in GOD, in food, in friends and even the most simple things. Mahirap talaga i-explain yet we find this essential in our life.

I remember being caught with the question.."What is stability for you?". I personally don't know. In work, mainly it is the security of tenure. That is stability for some but I knew people who have worked their ass out yet, in the end the benefits reap in their retirement is not enough. For love, some says it is the term of the relationship. I can say it is not the mere factor to stability. This topic is the long debated topic in our office nook. hehehe. Ewan basta mahirap din i-explain ang GUGMA

We are responsible for all the actions we make and someone told me recently that whatever I do must be according to what I envision myself. Contentment cannot be measured by how rich you are but how you value what you have. Happiness is finding light even in situations that are really pitch black and lastly, Stability is being aware of the opportunities around and strong attitude that you can stand after each fall.

So I am shrugging off all negative thoughts and make each day an opportunity. I should look at my goal and see to it that what I am doing is leading to it. Make the most of the day and be responsible for my actions.

I am really thankful for the wonderful person that gave me such wonderful insight. I didn't considered her offer but what she offered me was a chance to know and dig myself. That moment a lightbulb light up and it made me lighter.

Monday, November 24, 2008


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I am not going to share to you my first crush, my first kiss or whatever chessy stuff I have in mind...I am going to share my upcoming FIRST and my feelings about it . Okay, my first first is the wedding of a good friend where I am going to be a bridesmaid. Yes, you heard it right..It's my first. Some of my college girlfriends haven't married yet ( I don't know when they will settle down but we have been betting on each other, who will be the first.LOL). I felt happy and yet nervous about the idea walking down the aisle. (feeling bride?) hehehe. Anyway, charge it to experience ika nga nila. Hoping to post some of the pics here in the future.

My another first is riding an airplane. We will be celebrating Araw ng Davao 2009 in Boracay. For many years, I am always here in Davao during this celebration. Go to Kaan Dawet, party with friends and watch the parade etc etc...

This time I am going out of town for a change. Due to some overprotective reasons of my parents, I haven't tried riding an airplane/travel on a plane before. Call them weird but their just protective of their unica hija(?). Since we already booked the flight and I am estatic about it.. they just let me do it. Ang dami kung rason like "Kelan pa pala ako mag tratravel if matanda na ako".. and also " Chance ko na ito, mura lang ang flight at Boracay pa!" hehehe. Any first time expereince can make you nervous big time.

Travelling makes me nervous...but, Boracay? It makes me giddy. I have been dreaming of Boracay ever since I know that the island exist. Super wish and dream ko talaga ito. We have been planning our itinerary in Boracay and Iloilo. We want to make the most of our summer 2009 visiting places. I know..I know it's 3 months away but I believe that it pays to be prepared than sorry in the end. I really hope things will turn out smoothly. I also hope that we will have fun and having friends around makes me wanna let loose. Hoping to meet new friends along the way (wink, wink) and also memories to cherish forever. This is gonna be FUN!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


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Note: This might cause stiff neck. My video is Topsy turvy. Hehehe. Please bear with it but do watch to enjoy!!!

I found this video while looking for my old pictures in my computer. This is one of the extreme things I have done so far but I am proud that I made it. This is the back version of the zipline plunge. I was nervous and don't know what to think or do. The front version is easier because you get to see what is ahead of you but this one, makes you uneasy. This is really worth trying but a word of caution: Be ready for the sudden impact of your butt in the water.hehehe.

This place is awesome. I definitely will go there again with friends.I will certainly take the plunge and shout my lungs out. Extreme Samal is located in Kaputian, IGACOS. It's a 30 minutes pain in the butt ride from Babak. I suggest you arrange a jeep to wait for you so won't experience the pain-in-the-butt moment. I love the scenery in Kaputian but I can't take pictures while riding habal-habal. I would recommend this place because it is a unique bonding place, has extremely wonderful facilities and the owner, Mr. Murrel is very accomodating.

Definitely a must try when you go to Davao City especially Island Garden City of Samal.

Note: For the adventurous and extreme type of people only.hehehe.

The Candle of Love, Hope and Friendship

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Don't let the Candle of Love, Hope and Friendship die. May God richly bless you as you keep this candle burning. Pass it on to all your Friends and to everyone you love.

I am passing this to dear friends and hope u'll continue to be a light to me and everyone else. Pass the light on Joxylil, Robilaine, July and Denz.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


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This is the Pearl Marina bridge that I am walking on and you have to pass by this bridge in order to reach Pearl Farm. You might be thinking that I going to Pearl Farm but nope, I am not but for whatever reason, our Christmas party will be held in Pearl Farm Marina. It is like the universe saying that I will be going to Pearl Farm soon.(hehehe.Assuming kaau).

Anyway, I liked the place and I don't know if there are new facilities in the Marina but I am sure that I will enjoy the party. It is supposed to be Summer in Christmas. I overheard that there will be fire dancers, floating candles, parasols by the beach and reggae/bossa nova music. I can't hardly wait for it..Ohhh wait, I have to find a dress for the event. Ciao! (Note: will be posting pictures of the party soon)

Friday, October 31, 2008


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Kids of my officemates wearing cute Halloween costumes

Kristine P.'s niece wearing a cool devil ensemble

Little Julie D.-fairy busy eating lollipop

I want to be a kid again so that I can have the excuse to wear Halloween costumes and get loot bags with goodies.hehehe.

Last October 30, 2008, our office partied with kids for the Halloween "Trick or Treat" party. There were lots of treats and tricks(I mean, magic tricks) for kids.

The kids were adorable and they had fun while receiving treats. They also feast on party foods like ice cream, chocolate fondue, hotdogs and popcorn.YUM..YUM.. Too bad the adults will have to purchase party foods if they are hungry.huhuhu.

It is one heck of a party because kids are all over the office after their party. Good thing, few clients only visited the office that aftternoon.

Here we are, clowning around the decorations after the party. It is nice to be kid again even for a day. (FYI: The devil horns I am wearing was purchased in Gensan. A steal for only Php29 and it lights up!hehehe)


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This is my first Mindanao Bloggers Summit. The funny thing is, I realize that I didn't print my MBS2 pass yet.huhuhu. It's already past midnight and decide to search on "24 hour internet cafe in Davao City" on Goggle. Good thing, there is one in Bonifacio St. My mind is still awake but I need to sleep. I haven't pack my bags yet and don't have any idea what to wear. I set my alarm at 3:30 am so that I can have time to go to Bonifacio St. before heading to our meeting place at McDonalds umbrella.

I got up early(earlier than my parents-HIMALA!) and had only 3 hours of sleep. I don't want also Junelle and Mam Tes to wait for me. My heart is beating fast too. What if that internet cafe is no longer there? or what if it is not open yet?huhhuhuhuh. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for a miracle. Haaayyy, salamat was the word my mind said out loud when I reached Bonifacio St. I quickly printed my pass and hailed a cab.

I reached McDonalds' umbrella just in time for a quick breakfast. I waited for Junelle and then it started to rain. Ok, fast forward...We reached the bus terminal at around 6am. We calculated that we will reach Gensan by 9am. (Yikes! we're an hour late for the registration). The bus ride was okay except that the air condition made me shiver. I managed to sleep a little in the bus.

We reached Gensan and my heart is beating fast again. My mind is racing and asking " Are we late?" or " What if people will stare at us while entering the room in the middle of a speaker's speech?"

Thank God, the registration is still on going by the time we reach the convention center. I bet nobody noticed that we were late.hehehe. We settled in front to get a glimpse of what is in store for us. After a few minutes, the program started...


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I went to General Santos City to attend the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit last October 25, 2008. Bloggers from different parts of Mindanao gather to learn, promote Mindanao awareness and get to know each other well. We registered at around 9am and everyone was already there. Soo many people and some face were a little bit familiar. The Summit lasted for day and the learnings are worth it. I am in awe with so many personalities around me and diverse talents.

After the summit, we visited the KCC Mall of Gensan and I bought some stuff which I forgot to bring.hehehe. (Trivia: While riding the motorcycle, we learned from the driver that few taxis only roam around the city. Once you board one, don't forget to get the calling card of the driver because you can't find a taxi around the city when you need one)

We had dinner at Family Country Hotel and after that, we danced the night away. Even though I am exhausted, I still managed to post something on my blog that night. Then off I go to bed after all the fun.

I woke up early because I am sooo excited. The Sunday itinerary was fun. We visited Gensan Fishing Port to catch the action and be amazed of all the gigantic bariles in the port. (FYI: The fishing port was well maintained because I didn't saw a single fly around the fishes. Squeaky clean huh?)

Now this place is breathtaking. The first thing that came into my mind when I saw this is a wedding reception . Hahahaha. Do I hear wedding bells? Nah...

You can see the horizon and marvel at the wonderful landscapes. I can stay in this place forever but with WIFI access (of course). How can let the world know what I feel if I can't blog?.hehehe.

I love this place but too bad, time is up. We have to move on to the People's Champ house and be amazed again.( I have a different post for Manny Pacquiao's house.Please watch out for it.) Ciao!

Photos courtesy of Mam Tes

Thursday, October 30, 2008


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This picture was taken at the DigitalFilipino Club Fellowship Night. We attended the event because we learned that Ms. Janette Toral, the author of Blogging from Home book will grace the event. We really admire her and we want to learn more from her. It is the first bloggers event that I attended. I had so much fun but expected that it will last up to eleven in the evening.

The food was great and the people are so warm. PAGCOR sponsored the event and even gave away coupons in the raffle. Too bad, I don't the rules in the casino.hehehe. The event finished past 8pm and we stayed for a while to listen to the band. Charles took this picture while we are lounging and talking at the back. Thanks for the wonderful candid shot, Charles.

It was still early when we left so we decided to try the coffee shop in Damosa. Anyways, we ended the night by saying goodbye and promised to myself that I will buy Ms. Janette Toral's book one of this days.hehehehe.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


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Did I mention last night that I am going to NCCC Mall Maa? I am blogging from here and I was seriously happy when I learned that the booth was set up in the entertainment area. It screams WIFI connection all over the place.

We arrived early and I hurriedly set up my laptop but only to find out that I cannot connect to the Globequest connection. Huhuhu. I felt bad and I am bored to death too. Anyway, I just entertained clients who passed by every now and then. Hahaaay.

Well, I don't give up people. I went to search all over the place to get the WIFI connection I needed. Together with Charina, (who recently purchase a WIFI phone that spells SOSYAL) we went to Globequest to ask for a passkey. They didn't give us any but it was a blessing in disguise too. She checked her phone and said that there is a LINKSYS connection. Hehehhe. I grinned and I told her to try and connect. The finale, we connected with LINKSYS but we end up in the 3rd floor near the Pasta and Pancit tambayan.bwahahaha. Now I am here busy fiddling with my laptop and sipping whatever-I-don't-remember-the-name shake. Ciao!


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I will be in charge of the Pag-IBIG Fund booth tomorrow in NCCC Mall-Maa. I will be servicing clients inquiries and other stuff. I am hoping that I can get free WIFI access because I will be bringing my laptop with me. I am expecting that many people will come and I hope I will enjoy the event. Ciao!

Monday, October 27, 2008


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Photo from

I am here staring at my laptop right now and looking at pictures from the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit held in General Santos City. I am cooling down with ice cream but still waiting for it to melt. I love melted ice cream. I just can't explain why.

I wanted to post pictures from the Summit but my head is starting to ache. Let's just see what happens in the next few hours.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


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The Halloween decorations are already placed in our counter and we wasted no time and took pictures in front of our horrific mask. Bwahahaha. Do you recognize the man behind the mask? Hmmm, I bet you won't. He is our very energetic manager, Manolito Olegario. He posed with the mask and we didn't bugged him to do it. hehehe. He was probably amused hen he passed by our counter and saw us taking pictures.

I was partly happy and shocked when he posed with us. He is a very serious manager and don't always mingle with others. You rarely see him laugh and jokes around when he is in good mood. It changed my perception of him and I hope he continues to mingle with us.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


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It's been 2 years since my visit to Pearl Farm. Getting there is like a luxury and very painful in my pocket. I don't know if I can go back there soon. I am just hoping I will win the deal I made with a Korean classmate. I might come back there next year.bwahahaha.

I had fun with friends there while accompanying Korean friends and our Korean teacher. The food is yummy and I am dreaming of sunbathing in Malipano Island.huhuhu. I really wish I will win and have the most wonderful vacation again in Pearl Farm.

Monday, October 13, 2008


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This my aunt, Rotche. She married Lee Dong Koon, a Korean. She's happy in Korea right now and I am also happy for her. I just recently learned that she had a Friendster account. I enjoyed browsing through their pictures. The pictures here are from her account. She rarely visits Davao City and when she's in the Philippines, she usually drop by Manila or Agusan del Sur.

This pretty girl is Seme. Last time I saw her, she was just a baby. She's grown up now and very pretty. We even joked to my aunt before that she can be an actress because she's charming. Her father thinks otherwise. In South Korea, women must have a college degree in order to gain respect from the society. I believe she's smart, I talked to her on the phone before but I didn't understand some of the words she said. hehehehe.

The two pretty girls beside Seme are Sena and Sere. The three lovely ladies of the Lee family. They are so close with each other and they don't resemble one another. Ok, let me explain this. Seme looks like uncle Lee, Sena looks like my grandmother and the youngest child, Sere looks like my aunt. They are so adorable. I wonder if they will like me in person?

Anyway, I can probably talk to them the basic words I know in Korean like "Annyeong haseyo", "Kumawo", "Saranghe", "Bangapsumnidda","Chon ma neyo" etc.hehehe. Nose bleed anyone?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall 2008 TV

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Friday, October 10, 2008


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University of Southeastern Philippines is near to my heart because I finished my high school in this university. I miss the high school fun and friends. I also started my master's degree last 2006 and I am hoping to get a scholarship to minimize the expenses. I miss my school and I am contemplating if I will go back to school next year. I love my school because I can experience the university feel. Cool air, wide area to roam around, and big oval to hang out.

This is the very famous "eagle" of USEP. Any Usepian you know will surely agree that this is the most famous meeting place, tambayan of Laboratory School students (when the classrooms are flooded...hehehe) and the symbol of the school. I can still remember when the Laboratory School classrooms are flooded, we hang out in this place. You can easily tell from the gate that there is no class. I love rainy days during my 1st and 2nd year in high school but I began to hate it when I entered my 3rd year.

On my third year, I joined PMT (Preparatory Military Training) and we always clean the flooded room together with the Boy and Girl Scout members. I know it's dirty but it's fun.hehehe.

I finished more than 10 rounds of jogging here in the oval during my high school days. hehehe. I love to people watch and just hang out in this place. I also made different military crawls here.

The School of Governance and Management is near the oval and I have to walk this open area on a hot Saturday afternoon to attend my masteral classes.huhuhu. I really love my school and I wish we can have an alumni homecoming and share stories again just like before.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


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I had the privilege to pose with our dashing and hardworking CEO, Mr. Romero F.S. Quimbo. He visited our office and I didn't hesitate when our manager, Mr. Olegario said that we can take pictures with him.

As described in the Pag-IBIG Fund website, His work day starts as early 7 a.m. and ends as late as 9 p.m. Almost always, he's the last one to leave the Pag-IBIG offices in Atrium building in Makati City. Sometimes on weekends, he finds himself alone at work in the office.

Why the long and extra work hours? It's pressure of the job, he says, adding that "if I were to enumerate the problems that we have, we'll probably come up with piece of writing as long as the Book of Genesis.


A native son of Catbalogan, Samar, Atty. Quimbo finished his Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, where he also graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. He was a consistent scholar throughout his academic life, a champion debater and team captain of the U.P. Law Debate Team, and a distinguished student leader.

Atty. Quimbo was the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of HDMF before he took over the top post at the age of 33. Prior to joining Pag-IBIG, he was among the pioneers of Philippine e-commerce as President and Managing Director of He has also worked at the House of Representatives, Mondex Philippines, Inc. and Technotrix Philippines, Inc., and was an associate at the Poblador, Bautista and Reyes Law Offices.

Atty. Quimbo is married and has one child.

Monday, October 6, 2008

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Waiting for the world to change? hehehe. No. I am waiting for the food and my friend, Michelle in the counter. There are really times when it is nice to let just time pass, looking at people and daydream. No problems and how I wish I could spend everyday like that. I earn while eating, sleeping and even during leisure time. I manage my time and I can wake up late and spend time at home in pajamas.

If I have the luxury of money and time, I will spend it with my family traveling. Visiting places we only see in magazines and television. Dining at unique places and having fun. Wish a genie grant my wish and God be at my side.

Oooppps, Michelle's here. YUM YUM, I really love french fries and cheeseburger. Oh, what was I talking a while ago?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

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Our favorite pastime aside from watching movies, eating and mall marathon. Singing videoke makes me relieve stress and a good way to bond with officemates. The singing session happened in Zed's Pizza and this is the last videoke house we checked out. All videoke houses we tried were full and people were waiting outside. We like the place and we forgot to try their house specialty, the pizza. We were so excited to sing and take pictures.

The place is not so friendly though, it's like a maze. hehehe. You have to pass so many stairs, doors and I don't know how many corners before you reach the room. If you're tipsy, you will be lost or might end up in the c.r instead of the stairs.

We'll check this place out again but I will try their pizza. I will post my review on their pizza and whatever I fancy.hehehe.Ciao!


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Took this picture while riding home. This is the famous Durian Hotel of Davao City. I remember in high school, we drop by frequently at the bakeshop outside the hotel. There are actually rumors that the hotel has no good foundation after the extension is built, the hotel is foreclosed and worst, it is haunted.hehehe.

I'd rather believe that it was foreclosed and a bank is selling it. Here is a detailed description of the hotel in the ad I saw online. If interested,click the link here.


1. Original 5-Storey Commercial Building: (Floor Area - 1,762
Ground floor is utilized as parking lot that can accommodate twelve(12) cars, reception hall, and lobby, and two (2) commercial spaces
2nd Floor used to be divided into offices of the hotel management.
3rd Floor to 5th Floor is partitioned into a total of twenty-two (22) rooms.

2. Annex building (6 Floors) (Floor Area - 4,566
- Basement, ground floor and 2nd floor are all utilized as parking area which can accommodate a total sixty (60) cars. The 3rd and 4th Floors are function halls that can accommodate up to 200 persons each. The fifth floor used to be the Grand Ballroom (theatre type function hall).

3. Main Hotel - 12-Storey Building (Floor Area: 10,172 The Main Hotel building is partitioned as follows:
Floor Use/Amenities
Basement Parking Area, water boiler, exhaust fans
Ground Floor Main kitchen, restaurant, 2 scenic elevators, 1 service elevator
Second Floor Employee cafeteria, stockroom, male/female quarters, employees CRs, locker room, F&B office, Engineering office, medical clinic, chapel, and 2 function rooms (for 60 persons)
Third Floor 1 linen/storage room & 15 guest rooms fully carpeted and with full amenities (refrigerator, TV set, CR, bed(s), sofa, chairs, cabinets, telephone, lamp shades, centralized aircon)
Fourth Floor 1 linen/storage room & 16 guest rooms fully carpeted with full amenities.
Fifth Floor 1 linen/storage room, 2 entertainer’s dressing rooms & 15 guest rooms fully carpeted with full amenities
Sixth Floor 1 linen/storage room & 16 guest rooms fully carpeted with full amenities
Seventh Floor 1 linen/storage room & 16 guest rooms fully carpeted with full amenities
Eight Floor 1 linen/storage room & 16 guest rooms fully carpeted with lighting fixtures and aircon but with no amenities (not utilized)
Ninth Floor 1 linen/storage room & 16 guest rooms partially carpeted with no amenities (not utilized)
Tenth Floor 1 linen/storage room & 16 guest rooms not carpeted with no amenities (not utilized)
Eleventh Floor Only 6 rooms are partitioned but not finished (not utilized)
Twelfth Floor Heroes Bar, Concorde Fuction room with mezzanine, mini gym, swimming pool and male/female bathrooms/CRs.
Roof deck Water tank, motor for elevators and Globe cellsite/office.

Breakdown of number of guest rooms:

Original Building


Main Building



No. of Rooms 22 126* 148**

It is sad to know that the hotel was once a tourist favorite. I really hope that it will be back in business soon. Proposed malls are sprouting everywhere and it would be nice to have a hotel around the area. It would mean more business and employment opportunities.

Friday, October 3, 2008


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The platform where I made the challenging plunge in Samal Island, Philippines. We traveled for almost 30 minutes riding in a jeepney for hire to Kaputian. The long travel was worth it when we saw the wonderful view and the horizon. Everything seems so small and we are on top of the world.

That's me taking the plunge and I don't know what the hell was going on in my mind that time. All I remember when I first tried it, I closed my eyes and my heart stopped beating.hehehe. After that, I was already addicted on the high and wonderful feeling doing the plunge.

The landing area in the zipline and the boat waiting will deliver us to land. After the heart stopping plunge, we must climb the very high and steep ladder to reach the zipline platform area. I tell you it's all worth it and will bet on it. I will try it again and will come back hopefully this year. (See? I can do anything!)

Thursday, October 2, 2008


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Our wacky pose in our office. Thank you for the webcam of Ms. Jen for capturing our candid moments in the office. I am really happy that all of us in the unit get along well with each other. There is never a dull moment and we find time to laugh and share jokes and stories. It eases up the boring tasks and stressful times in the office. We also bond by eating our favorite foods like crema de fruta and baked spaghetti. One of this days, I will pose the candid pictures of my officemates eating and very happy.

I guess having wonderful people around you makes you feel light and soo motivated. I really thank them for the joy, laughter and sometimes petty misunderstanding for making our group strong and bonded.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


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The Mindanao Blogger Summit is one of my goals as a blogger. Being part of a social gathering of bloggers would be a great idea. I was very happy when I learn from a blogger friend, Marites that there will be a Mindanao Blogger Summit 2. Dream come true because I have been waiting for this. I am looking forward to October 25, 2008 and more gathering like this. This summit will not possible without the kind sponsors below:

NOKIA (Philippines), Inc.
Mayor Pedro B. Acharon, Jr.
Congresswoman Darlene Antonino-Custodio
ABS-CBN Regional Network Group
Mindanao Bloggers
Bariles Republic

ACLC-Skeptron Ventures, Inc.

Asia United Bank
Family Country Hotel & Convention Center
East Asia Royale Hotel

Digital Filipino
Pacific Seas Seafood Market
Shalom-Crest Wizard Academy
Generals Logimark Exponent
< Prints and You
Sta. Cruz Seafood, Inc.
Dellosa Design Builders, Inc.


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We were searching for a restaurant after eating durian in F. Torres. In order to satisfy our hungry stomachs, we decided to check near Bak-Bak and we discovered Redmoon restaurant near K1 KTV and Spa.

I know the upper viand looks gross but it taste delicious. I can't remember the name though. The oyster omelet at the side, taste weird but delicious if eaten with hot sauce.

That's Dennies Joy and me(happy face and stomach!hehehe)

I love their air conditioned room for quiet eating time but we decided to try their open space. They played loud dance and rnb music that makes me dance while eating. They also have a flat screen TV outside to catch some telenovelas after eating. Perfect place also for smokers and drinkers. Definitely worth the taste and price.Yum!

Friday, September 19, 2008


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You might be wondering what they are watching. The Marimar craze is not yet over and this picture is the evidence. After the success of the Marimar Philippines version, GMA 7 is airing the Mexican Marimar again. I remember I was still in high school when it first aired and Filipinos became addicted to Mexican telenovelas. Thalia became an icon of beauty and strength. Now, it still shows that we still love Marimar and Mexican telenovelas.

Monday, September 15, 2008


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The Filipino version of yellow cab. Everyday, you see jeepneys in all colors. It is the main transportation here in the Philippines and a must ride if you are new in this country. Captured this moment while I was waiting for our jeepney to get through the traffic.


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Imagine yourself surrounded by this flowers or your garden looks like this. I would probably lounge all day reading or sipping my coffee with this flowers. They relieve stress and calm your spirit. How I wish I have them in my backyard but I think I will just neglect them because I don't have a green thumb or just my excuse because I am lazy in nurturing plants. If I have the luxury of time, I might take care of them everyday.hehehe

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ten CDs to Brighten Your Workday

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It's a gorgeous day, and you want nothing more than to be out and about having some fun. Only problem? You're stuck at your desk -- and it's only 9:15 in the morning. But if your boss lets you listen to music while you work, you're in luck. Give any one of the following 10 CDs a spin. They're guaranteed to make the time zip by and brighten your workday.


This is pure New Orleans funk. Galactic mixes Theryl de'Clouet's '70s-era Motown singing style with instrumentals to create music that will have you dancing in your cube. "Bongo Joe" and "Mercamon" mix trip-hop and jazz with a side of jam band.

Robert Randolph & the Family Band

The souls of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan must have linked up with that of Mississippi guitar virtuoso Robert Randolph. If blasting this blues album through your headsets doesn't improve your productivity, nothing will. A great antidote to burnout.

The Whole of the Moon: The Music of Mike Scott and the Waterboys
Mike Scott and The Waterboys

I'm not usually a fan of greatest-hits CDs, but since this group's music is very hard to find, this will do just fine. The Waterboys will bring out the Celt in you. "Fisherman's Blues" and "Medicine Bow" mix Irish fiddles, barroom rock and folk lyrics. If you come across any of their other albums, treat yourself.

How Will the Wolf Survive?
Los Lobos

This band's style ranges from Tex-Mex blues to polka -- cool polka. The band sings in English and Spanish. By the time you're halfway through this one, you'll be in the market for an accordion.

Derek & the Dominos

We all know the song, now here's the album. Eric Clapton and Duane Allman (who died shortly after its release) craft a beautiful collection of songs here, including the masterpieces "Key to the Highway" and "Bell Bottom Blues." Put on your headsets, turn up the volume and be transported to music nirvana.

Hittin' the Note
Allman Brothers Band

This 2003 effort is the first Allman Brothers album since Dickey Betts left the band. Warren Haynes steps up, and he and Gregg Allman combine with Derek Trucks to create a rocking disc. The southern blues style the band originated is back with a vengeance on such tracks as "Desdemona."

The Traveling Wilburys, Vol. 1
The Traveling Wilburys

This is one of the best albums of the '80s. Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, George Harrison, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan mix basic rock ‘n' roll with great harmonies. This album will have you singing along with joy, especially during "End of the Line." Look for one of Bob Dylan's greatest songs -- "Tweeter and the Monkey Man" -- on this disc.

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
The Beatles

Pure rock, acid rock, orchestral rock and more. This album, which came out in 1967, is considered by many to be the greatest rock album of all time. I find myself humming "When I'm 64" sometimes without warning. Spin this disc and forget about work for 45 minutes.

Born to Run
Bruce Springsteen

OK, this one is a no-brainer. I am a huge Bruce fan, and if he were absent from this list, people would be checking to see if I'm OK. This album is loaded with such classics as "Thunder Road," "Born to Run," "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out" and the epic closer, "Jungleland."

Full Moon Fever
Tom Petty

This 1989 album contains a great mix of pure driving rock -- from "Runnin' Down a Dream" to such fun sing-a-longs as "Free Fallin'." Much to the chagrin of my coworkers, I find myself singing out loud when I play this one. All together now: "'Cause I'm free, free fallin'..."

by Vincent O'Connell
Monster Contributing Writer

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


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I need to meditate right now. The turn out of events are alarming but I need to be calm and very serene. I just have to breath and listen to my Meditation playlist. I hope everything will be fine soon.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

THe aFternoon SUN

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by Cara Cadmen

When the sun goes down,
The sun is jealous of the moon
When the sun goes down
The sun will have his revenge soon
When the sun goes down
The sun puts in plan in hand
When the sun goes down
It rises up again

Friday, May 16, 2008


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Colorful chocolates given by my officemate..Soo sinful and I can't even resist them. The colored egg like chocolates has peanut butter filling and very delicious too. I like the gold cubes better than the egg like because it is dark and very rich. Easily melts in your mouth.

It's okay to indulge once in a while but I should slow down, i can't fit in my other clothes. HUHUHU. Anyway, I am done with the chocolate and it is good to see them here nice and pretty.

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