Monday, May 7, 2012


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Lately, I have been depriving myself of many things. I can't watch telenovelas on television. I can't go out with friends on spontaneous late night Gimik. I can't eat a decent dinner or maybe eat a light dinner before going home to be ready on my classes. I can't talk to my mom at night or early in the morning about what's going on with me except during weekends. I can't read my books because I don't have enough time. I can't learn a new language because I am busy teaching other people how to learn English. I can't easily talk to friends or chat with them online because I am busy with my students. Don't get me wrong about my teaching. I love teaching. I have always been inclined to teaching. I don't know why teaching is always following me. I remember my late grandfather told my mother to let me take up a degree in education. Good thing my parents supported me in whatever course I am going to take up in college. I promised that I will never teach because I know teachers are deprived financially and sometimes emotionally.

But I am back as a teacher and every now and then I realized how badly I needed this kind of job. I so overwhelm by the kindness my students gave me. They are so adorable and they are very good too in the lesson. Again, as long as they need me..I will be there to teach them. Call me "raketera", "gahutera" or "pamugasay"...I really don't care. It has helped me a lot financially and I am having fun and meet very nice friends. I am contented and happy right now. Arigato Gozaimasu!!

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