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DBM issues guidelines for granting of performance bonus to state workers

Manila -- Budget Secretary Rolando G. Andaya Jr., has issued on December 11, 2008 Budget Circular No. 2008-5 to implement Administrative Order No. 250 signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on December 10, 2008.

Pursuant to AO No. 250, all personnel of the Government are entitled to receive a one-time reward of a maximum of Ten Thousand Pesos each as performance bonus, in recognition of their commendable effort in attaining efficiency in government operations, despite the economic difficulties which may arise as a result of the global financial crisis.

Secretary Andaya said that all permanent, temporary, casual or contractual personnel of national government agencies including government owned and controlled corporations and government financial institutions whose salaries are charged against their Personal Services allocation and who are still in service as of November 30, 2008, are entitled to receive the performance bonus.

The Performance Bonus will not be granted to personnel of NGAs, GOCCs and GFIs who have already received extra cash gift or additional benefit in Fiscal Year 2008 over and above the year-end benefit authorized under RA 6686, as amended by RA 8441 as implemented by Budget Circular No. 2005-6 dated October 28, 2005.

The DBM shall release, the amount of P7,000 per employee of NGAs not belonging to the Constitutional Offices/Fiscal Autonomy Group, chargeable against the unreleased appropriations under the Fiscal Year 2008 budget which was pooled by DBM for the purpose.

The remaining Performance Bonus requirements of P3,000 per employee of NGAS shall be charged against their respective savings in allotment. In the event that the agency savings is insufficient to coven in full the remaining P3,000 per employee, DBM said, that payment thereof shall be subject to the amount available as savings provided that a uniform amount shall be given to all employees.

The total requirements of P10,000 per employee of NGAs belonging to the CFAG like congress, CSC, Judiciary, COA, Comelec, CHR and Ombudsman, shall be charged against the available savings in allotment. In the event that the CFAG does not have sufficient savings to cover in full the P10,000 per employee, payment thereof shall be subject to the amount available as savings provided that a uniform amount shall be given to all employees.

For GOCCs and GFI, the amount needed shall be charged against their respective corporate funds.

Those who are not entitled to receive the Performance Bonus are government personnel who are absent without leave; those who have been hired not as part of the organic manpower of agencies but as consultant or experts; student laborers; apprentices; laborers of contracted projects; those whose remuneration are not taken from the budgetary allocation for Personal Services; those who are formally charged with administrative cases as well as criminal cases which relate to acts or omissions in connection with their official duties and functions and found guilty, except when the penalty is a mere reprimand.

The performance bonus of government personnel detailed with another government agency or special projects, shall be drawn from their respective mother agency. In the case of those paid from project funds, the Performance Bonus shall be drawn from the same source where they draw their salaries.

The performance bonus of government personnel employed on a part-time basis shall be pro-rated corresponding to the services rendered.

For personnel who transferred from one agency to another, their performance bonus shall be granted by their new office.

Government personnel who have received any unauthorized extra cash gift or additional benefit or allowance prior to the issuance of the Circular shall refund any excess of the amount herein authorized or shall be entitled to the difference if they receive less than P10,000. (PIA 8)


We are not going to be entitled by performance bonus announced last Friday by the President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

If I remember it right, a performance bonus was also released last 2007 stating the same guidelines and all contractual employees of the Fund (known as the agency-hired contractual employees) are happy of the good news and only to find out that we are not part of the said "performance bonus". It turned out that the term contractual in the guidelines refers to the casual employees of an agency. We must have misinterpreted it but the term "performance bonus" says otherwise.

They should have called it "government employee bonus" because non entitlement of the "performance bonus" is just like saying you are not performing under the agency you are in. There are almost 30 personnel in our office who are agency-hired and we are hoping to be absorbed by the company we are in but due to the slow movement of the organizational structure, it became unattainable for us. I am merely stating the facts what is happening in the regional offices and it would also be guide to the management ( if they have or have no idea that agency-hired employees exist).

As much as we want to be treated equally like the regular employees in the benefits aspect, in the end it will just be a dream. We just want to be recognized as part of the Fund that we are working in. We want to grow and be motivated. I am writing this to let other people know that working in a government is not a bed of roses ( as my neighbors think) but it means WORK!!


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