Saturday, June 27, 2009


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I am happy that I got an e-mail from that my blog is qualified to receive opportunities in blog advertising. It's not my first time doing blog advertising but it is my first time in this blog. I started this blog a few months ago and I haven't earned from paid advertising since then. I really want to promote something on my blog and I think blog advertising is a very good medium in getting the customers know what your product is.I am very privilege to get my blog enrolled in Thay don't only help bloggers but also advertisers in finding bloggers that will promote their product.

Internet is a very good medium in extending customer market and I learned that may people will go to your site especially if you have written a review on a product or a service. What I like about payingpost is that they pay you every first day of every month. You don't have to wait long enough if you have made you post near the payment schedule. They even have a surprise waiting if you have the best post about their site. I am hoping this post will be and I can't wait to start writing about products, services and websites that I like. They even have good instructions on how to go about your blog and the wonderful opportunities available once you register in their site. I like the website look and it's very fresh and accommodating feel.

I recently registered in their affiliate program and I can't wait to tell my friends about payingpost. You can also earn through affiliate program and I am hoping to promote payingpost in order to earn not only through my blog but also through affiliate program.
I am so excited to make my blog a part of the blog advertising


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They say there is nothing else you could wish for as long as you are in love. But people tend to expect quite a lot from those they love. They say pride does not matter when you are in love, but many lovers break up because their self-esteem is hurt. They say love alone will do when you are in love, but we eventually keep turning our eyes to the demands of reality. They say love has no reasons, but people always love for a reason. Maybe that’s why God bestowed love to humans as the biggest punishment for their greed. A bad and wicked love…


Kwon Sang-woo (YUAN)
Kang Yong-ki: A wayward guy who is an illegitimate son of a conglomerate owner and who never received love as a child. He becomes a pop artist, because art is the only way for him to express his feelings. He falls in love with another artist named Joanne but they break up due to her father’s opposition, leaving Yong-ki devastated to the very bottom of his heart. While feeling guilty for the breakup, Yong-ki meets In-jung and after much bickering falls for her confident personality but their relationship is hampered by In-jung’s first love, Su-hwan. Believing that his unhappiness is due to his kind heart, Yong-ki decides to protect his love by all means.

Lee Yo-won (ELLAINE)
Na In-jung: A beautiful and graceful cellist, In-jung stakes her everything on her first love, Su-hwan. She loves him even though she knows he is married but he coldheartedly breaks up with her. She does her best to get over him, believing that her suffering is a punishment for stealing another woman’s husband. Five years later she meets Yong-ki, a sad-looking guy who keeps running into her. The two eventually fall in love but their relationship is shattered when Su-hwan shows up one day.

Kim Sung-soo (STEFAN)
Lee Su-hwan: Ambitious and eager to succeed, this man ties the knot with the daughter of a conglomerate owner to gain control of the company but their married life is miserable. To make things worse, he sees a rival in Yong-ki, the illegitimate son of his father-in-law. He falls in love with In-jung at first sight, but reality forces him to abandon her. However, he can never forget her for teaching him what genuine happiness and love is. He attempts to make her his woman again believing that he is the only one who can make her happy.


The characters of this series are inter connected with each other and I always watch this series because of the "Bratinella" wife of Stefan(Kim Sung Soo) played by Kim Ga Yeon. She's really a bitch but she's the kind of character that you hate soo much but her character gets in your blood( you will miss her bratiness).

I am already hooked on it and I am looking forward on what the bitchy wife is going to do with Ellaine in the next episodes.


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Believe it or not- that's me. This picture was taken in Eden Nature Park and I had the most wonderful time ever! Good thing a good friend of mine, Jully took this picture. (at least I can boast that I tried the Skyrider because I have a picture).hehehe.

If you happen to go to Eden Nature Park here in Davao. Try this and its very worth it. (nabitin nga ako eh!)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


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Sometimes it makes you feel young and wants you to make crazy things
Sometimes it feels so great and you hope it will never end
and sometimes it makes you fly and you wish that it will take you away...


Sometimes it hurts that you feel that it will never go away
Sometimes you feel that it looks and feels great but why did it fail?
Sometimes you fly and dream with it that you fall so hard on the ground...


You feel the hurt and again, you stand up...
You learn that some good things never last and
You begin to dream and realize that dreaming is superficial

But.. don't understand why.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


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Who the hell took this picture??Hehehehe. I like it but it looks like I am talking to the sun. Mukhang loka-loka. Let's just pretend that I am wishing on the sun(?). I miss the Boracay sun.

Emote-emotan moment. Ok, I have to admit, this is not candid, and I know what I am doing and that Dennies Joy took this picture. I just want to share my last moments with the Boracay sun.Huhuhu.

Out of our crazy mind, we came up with this crazy but unique pic-two sun in the picture. Cool!!!
Looks like I am holding the sun while it's burning my hair(?).hehehe. One should not leave Boracay without taking pictures of the Boracay sunset or experiencing the awwwhhh..breathtaking sun as it sets.Ciao Boracay Sun!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


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You are Sneakers!
You're an active girl, who's all about function
You dress for the occasion - comfort comes first
Your perfect guy? Someone who can keep up with you.
You'll find him - but you might have to slow down to see him!

Monday, April 6, 2009


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The pictures below are courtesy of Dennies Joy, we were busy talking about the waves probably. The pips beside me is Jully Ann Varona and his hubby, Ryan.

(TRIVIA: I am afraid of big waves and I had a video of this trip where I am screaming because of fear.Good thing it is in good custody right now)hehehe!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


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I almost forgot if I did really notice the camera here but we are actually lounging in SM Iloilo and eating Crazy Crepes.( Actually, kami lang ni Dennies Joy kay out of curiosity lang tawon!)
We were killing the time before heading back to our place in One Lourdes Dormitel.

( Note: Actually, we don't have any idea what jeep to ride back to our place. Kaya we just waited for Charina's text reply before heading back home!hehehe)

The crepe is very delicious but I felt bad thinking-I should have bought the one with an ice cream. Hahahaha.

This candid photo of mine with my dear friend, Dennies Joy is in Summer Place Boracay. We had our first night gimik and even the rain didn't stop us. As far as I could remember, it was my cocktail night.

I had pineapple sling, a bit of Bailey's shake, margarita, and finished half of DJ's Mai Tai drink. By the time we got home, I am soo sleepy already. Good thing, I have good friends with me that night.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


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In case you are all wondering what the hell happen to me??? I am okay..I'm a bit lazy this past few months. I am also setting up another blog which I will spill the details later on.

I am excited and at the same crossing my fingers on my new activity. I am slacking on my blog posts and I know that if my blog could only scream- it would scream "Kill me or else I will commit suicide".hehehehe.

I will not delete my two other blogs but I will certainly make another one..
Still thinking though what good topic to post..

Anyway, see yah around and I am coming back for good!!!Ciao!

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