Tuesday, February 28, 2012


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A few days from now, it will be summer season. Just in time for that, I decided to cut my hair a little shorter because my long hair annoys me everyday. The frustrations and burdens disappeared the moment I cut my hair short. No, it has nothing to about being brokenhearted. I just felt a need a breather on things and it feels good that you have something new about yourself. I love summer because every time I hear the word it reminds me of blue sky, crystal clear beach, happy friends, laughter and some tan. I must admit I am not very good in keeping friends because I fail in the so called-communication. Whatever my shortcomings I just hope they will forgive for not so visible when the time they needed me.

Tonight, I felt that one of my dear friend treats me like a stranger. I don't know if it is just a simple "online tweet" misunderstanding tonight but I reached out to her. She tweeted she wants a movie buddy and I replied back to her saying "Nood tau!!when ka available?"(In English, let's watch!!!..when are you available"). She didn't replied but tweeted after a few minutes the words-"That's it. I think it's enough na." Hmmm...I wonder what she meant. I am not a psychic but I am not pathetic to feel that she doesn't want to see me. For the record since I cannot tweet my rants in Twitter and shout outs in Facebook, might as well be frank here. I don't know what your up to but it's not me you are angry at in the first place and don't make it look like I am against you and I am for Heloise. I am still trying to understand what happened between the two of you and as long as I don't hear your side-I am not favoring anyone.

You make feel sad again. Just when I thought the frustrations were gone and were left lying on the salon's floor. As of this moment, I still check my Twitter feed for your reply. Hope we can patch things up and I always treasure your friendship.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


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FRINGE makes my days a little lighter when I feel I little blah. It's not a funny and feel good series by the way. It is a little crazy series with a little paranormal mixed with science in between. Sometimes it can be gross or morbid as you would call it. I am big fan of X-Files when I was in high school, so that would probably explain why I like this series. This was recommended to me by my co-worker, Eric and since then, I got hooked. I might have missed a lot of local TV shows lately but this series keeps my mind active and sometimes makes you jump off your seat.

The characters are very good. I like Olivia Dunham' s character (the girl agent) because she is fearless and very curious. Walter Bishop (the Harvard professor) is also very eager to know what happened and he is a genius. He makes the series funny and very emotional too sometimes. Lastly, Peter Bishop (IT genius and son of Walter Bishop) is played by Joshua Jackson-who by the way is Spacey in Dawson's Creek. He is my crush in Dawson's Creek way back in high school and I was so thrilled to know that he played Peter Bishop.(Well, enough said.) Okay, he is very observant and also a genius like his dad. He is very cooperative and very helpful to Olivia. I am still in Season 2 but many strange cases have already surfaced and sometimes, it makes you feel like you are also a special agent. I would love to be a special agent in my next life.Hahahaha. I just hoped that the series will continue is consistency on the truth and they will open new issues to make the viewers more curious about the stories behind the characters.

I am not really addicted to this series but I have already downloaded the complete Season 2 and I think I will download Season 3 in the next few days. Not so much of an addict eh?? Ciao pips!! Got to solve some fringe case first.

Friday, February 10, 2012


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Sometimes my gut feel gets in the way of so many things. Sometimes it's always correct. It doesn't only gets in the way of life decisions but also love.hahaha.yes,been there done that..The bad thing about gut feel is that it makes you restless. You want to know the truth and discover things. Sometimes you discover nice things but most of the time, you discover shocking and unusual things. I hate it when my mind is pushing and tempting me to search for it.*arrrgh,now my head is aching*hahaha. I guess i should stop it so that I will not be hurt of what i will discover. Btw, i'm blogging in blogger-droid app in my phone so pardon my typing and hope this will look okay in my blog..I still have errands to do for the February 14 wedding. Ciao pips!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Katy Perry - "Not Like the Movies" - Official Lyric Video

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One of my favorite songs of Katy Perry. Just in time for Valentine's day. Since I don't have someone to be mushy with, might as well drown with mushy songs.Hahahaha..This is torture and idk. Now I am thinking of singing this in a karaoke and practice more.Yay!!Emo to the nth level.Whatever!Enjoy this guys...Ciao!


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I am deeply bothered by the thoughts running around my mind and I feel that sooner or later, it will affect me in a negative way. I am trying to keep my sanity and keep my head as steady as possible. It's running around my head for many days and sometimes I feel that my brain is empty and I lack concentration. What to do? I really don't know. I am pretty messed up and I don't want going around showing people how messy I am. Good thing, good friends keep me grounded. Please don't go away guys!!I will probably become a terrible person if I don't have you in this situation. My emo mode has finally kick and I just want to say how grateful I am for meeting many new friends and people in my life. ^_^

Monday, February 6, 2012

Madonna ~ Halftime Super Bowl XLVI (dolby surround)

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I have to say..noone can replace Madonna. She's still stunning and ageless. She rocks!! This Super Bowl Halftime is one of the highlights of the game. Many people have been waiting for her to perform in a big event and just as she release her new single, she is making people all over the world dance to her music again. She very energetic and My!! her costumes are stunning. When I saw the Greek/Roman soldier inspired dancers...it brings back to mind the movie, Immortals. Whewwww!!!This is awesome...Need I say more?

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