Saturday, February 11, 2012


Posted by shierylssi at 8:34 AM
FRINGE makes my days a little lighter when I feel I little blah. It's not a funny and feel good series by the way. It is a little crazy series with a little paranormal mixed with science in between. Sometimes it can be gross or morbid as you would call it. I am big fan of X-Files when I was in high school, so that would probably explain why I like this series. This was recommended to me by my co-worker, Eric and since then, I got hooked. I might have missed a lot of local TV shows lately but this series keeps my mind active and sometimes makes you jump off your seat.

The characters are very good. I like Olivia Dunham' s character (the girl agent) because she is fearless and very curious. Walter Bishop (the Harvard professor) is also very eager to know what happened and he is a genius. He makes the series funny and very emotional too sometimes. Lastly, Peter Bishop (IT genius and son of Walter Bishop) is played by Joshua Jackson-who by the way is Spacey in Dawson's Creek. He is my crush in Dawson's Creek way back in high school and I was so thrilled to know that he played Peter Bishop.(Well, enough said.) Okay, he is very observant and also a genius like his dad. He is very cooperative and very helpful to Olivia. I am still in Season 2 but many strange cases have already surfaced and sometimes, it makes you feel like you are also a special agent. I would love to be a special agent in my next life.Hahahaha. I just hoped that the series will continue is consistency on the truth and they will open new issues to make the viewers more curious about the stories behind the characters.

I am not really addicted to this series but I have already downloaded the complete Season 2 and I think I will download Season 3 in the next few days. Not so much of an addict eh?? Ciao pips!! Got to solve some fringe case first.



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