Wednesday, July 19, 2017


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Ever wonder what happened to me after the Nepal story like two years ago? yes, I know-you are all thinking that maybe I got lost and nowhere to be found while solo traveling or maybe she got amnesia and forgot about this blogging thing~well, suprise-I am back! Sorry to burst your bubble guys.

The sure thing is, a lot of things happened- If a lot of things are going on in my life, I get hay wired. I guess it's old age or just making reasons not to blog. Anyway, excerpts from the past two years-if I can still recall the highlights of it-

1. If you back read my entry like 2015-I was supposed to go to Nepal but forces of nature interfered. So, I went to Malaysia and Indonesia (not Jakarta but Yogyakarta!) weeeeeehhhh-tap on my back

2. Went to manila to be feel like a tourist-really crazy but fun adventure

okay-writer's block. Will think more soon. Laziness kicked in and these are just travel highlights. Will dig on my FB and phone pics for memory recall. hehehe.

See you around guys!


Tuesday, March 8, 2016


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My first love came to me like a summer breeze...
Warm, comfortable and easy flowing.

The touch..the brief sensation gave me refuge
I liked it, I will always look forward to it

I got used to it...
It grew in me..
It made me happy...

But as memories grow...
It stayed forever...
I gave my all...

Now, I long for the summer breeze..
The one that I used to feel everyday,
On dark nights,
On lonely times...

I am left alone, are you coming back?
Time must have kept you from me..
Now, I am numb..

My summer breeze love has left me...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


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naega...chigum kippeun anhaengbokhae.. ttamunae na otton saramya. kippeunisso..moriiseo..sarangiseo...

krundae, yorobon...naega ansaenggakhae..yorobon iyagihae-nuguya?
neh, nuguya? neh, wae irroke? neh, wae hangsang silpuenhae... wae na andwae?

Manyage, guenyang manyagae...nae gojoeyo... yorobon nae saengakallkayo?
geu yojaga pulsanghaeyo...

neh, na pulsanghaeyo...
choeun ja...yorobon choeun ja!!

Saturday, April 25, 2015


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I am sharing this because I still can't believe it until now and just now, reality sink in. Earlier today while taking my afternoon nap, I heard my mobile phone echoed a notification-a familiar Line notification. Normally, it is just some contest or a celebrity account that notifies users about some activities. I reached out for it, and saw the preview of the message on the screen- HAVE YOU KNOWN IT? It was from Kenji-san. Still dizzy, I got a weird feeling. Three messages - Hey!Bad news, Earthquake in Nepal and Have you known it? It was just right in time for me to wake up to prepare for my class. I replied-No, Oh My!- my usual reply by the way. I didn't panic thinking-no, maybe he is just exaggerating. The next reply was - Check it now! I obliged. So, with an empty mind and dizzy feeling- I searched " Nepal earthquake now" And then- there it was. Shocking news and pictures of people injured. 

Okay, I am supposed to fly to Nepal next week - May 3, 2015 (originally, May 2 but AirAsia moved it). All set! tickets-check, accommodation-check, list-check, camera-check, mind and body ready-check, and my bags-almost done! It's the time of the year that I go solo traveling. Why Nepal? Two reasons- first, flying back from Thailand-I saw on an in flight magazine about Kathmandu and Nepal. Got interested. And the influencing one? watched Nine Times Nine Travel Korean drama ( which I didn't finish 'till the end). That's it. A lot of friends always ask me-why? why? why? My usual reply, I want to see the majestic Himalayas. I fell in love with it, the more I planned about it. It took me a year to prepare, a year to set my mind and body for another challenge and a moment to make me realize that anything can happen.

Maybe, I am not meant to meet the majestic Himalayas this time. This plan was supposed to happen last March 2015 but due to a co-worker's leave of absence-I moved it. FYI: A Turkish airplane skid the runway before my flight to Nepal (March 4, 215). They rescheduled my flight due to delay. I decided to change it before that news to May 2015.

Now, that I look back-it was a close call. Had I made my booking earlier than May 3, 2015-I could have been in Nepal during the earthquake. Now, that I look at heartbreaking pictures on the internet- I felt that part of me is in Nepal. I felt sad though I haven't been there and regret that I didn't get the chance to experience the wonderful country before its devastation. There is always next time-they say and Thank God for guiding me in my travels. Now, I want to cry because I felt I was given another chance to be thankful for this life. Thank Lord God and may you continue to guide me in my travels and whatever I will do.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


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Things are pretty surprising and at the same time-exciting! Work is just so-so but it certainly is challenging because of the changes in the workplace. Enough of the work related issues, who knows what will happen tomorrow or the next month? so, I'll just sit back and relax while everyone's else is too preoccupied.

I am just getting this thing out of my mind- frankly my dear, (i don't give a there are many decisions I have made because I have been considering one factor for the past few months. Things that I somewhat regret that I should have done. Geezzz..I am really naive. At my age, I think I am still naive on that area. Okay, I am beating around the bush here and that is exacty my point. I'll leave it all up to your imagination. (that is if you have room for some imagination..hehehe)

Well, they said that maybe you need to decide more on something bigger but this "factor-that isn't even a factor" is hindering my thoughts. Crazy noh?

I need to go on a trip but that trip is not what I expected it to be. I need to decide to go to A or B..If I go to A, no more B next year. If I decide to go B then no A (which I think is tempting me at least!)

I have to decide on many things this year..not just trips, but a lot more important things. A lot of things are running in my mind. Things that keep me sane are food, online shopping, window shopping, online teaching and friends that are sane as I am.

I need to go on a roadtrip soon. Thinking of going somewhere a bit far so that I can listen to my playlist for more than one hour and go to that popular cafe once I get there. Go home before midnight (lol) and have some recollection on life. Might catch a foreign film one of these days and try to blog about it. ( well, I said TRY..) I need to bake cookies and also try kimbap before I get interested on other foreign recipe^^

I have to try Vietnamese food this year and that Japanese steak that screams- RARE!! (but I like mine well-done) or might try medium rare..

See? I have a lot in mind but these are just few of my crazy thoughts..The "factor" is still there and every now and then, I get rid of it but sometimes I am too friendly that I still entertain the

Oh, did I mention I am rooting for Netherlands? I am sure I haven't (I checked it!). Anyway, see you after the World Cup finals then..^^


Thursday, October 3, 2013

SAJANGNIM~neomu chuwahae!!

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nae sarang~jiguem, sajangnimya..sajangnim, naega ankiyeokhae? sajangnim, naega mame mula?
naneun, haru haruga sajangnim saengakhae..sajangnim neomu chuwahae..naega guenyang seonsaengnimeyo~
geunyang, naneun otton yeojaya..haaaay, miane mameya..nae name ulgo hanbondo..nae mame silpeulya..
jiguem, naneun haengbok goom isseoyo~^^


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I must be on a lucid interval moment tonight..If you happen to read some of my old posts, I have been talking to one guy consistently for almost two years..(purely business but some fun in between). Talking to my other student earlier, we were exchanging stories about our admiration on someone.. It was fun but she asked if I admire/like someone now..I said yes but I guess that guy never knew. Our relationship is like a cat and dog, we fight, we bore each other on some occasions, we laughed, we sometimes talked things crazily but it's a cycle. If someone will ask me now or probably probe my reason why I talked to him and why I endured that long..probably it is my feeling toward him and the interesting personality he has..I know this is a one-sided love..for all I know, I don't have the personality and characteristics he looks for in a woman..seess!! isang malaking pangarap!! If he knows how to ruined my night sometimes, probably tonight is my chance of ruining his..

Until now, I am blaming myself and repeating the word.."what the hell were you thinking Shieryl?"..I sure know how to ruin a good talk and night..and again, the long messages were sent tonight hoping to ease someone's situation. One word stuck on my mind tonight and but I'll just keep it to myself..That word made me realize where I stand in his life..just a teacher, a friend, an acquaintance and an employee. No more no less..At some point, I was thinking there was something special going on between times, I feel some kind of jealousy..I felt ugly, I felt poor sometimes..(yeah, considering I am from a third world country)

Somewhat, I understood him..I want this job, I love this job..I enjoy this job and it's too comfortable too let go~ or maybe that job is already becoming him. (job = him) martyr lang ang peg..they've been very kind to me..I couldn't ask for anything more, I can probably say "yes" in a heartbeat..

If he only knew, or could he have read the actions and signs..then it would be great!!arrrggghh, jigeum..nae mame..neomu appayo..jungmal neomu appa.

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