Sunday, October 24, 2010


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I heard so many stories about this remake from the 1968 series of the same title. I became giddy when I learned that AXN will air the series on November 14. Well, think of it as CSI/NCIS but in Hawaii. Cop drama, detective episodes and maybe hot guys and girls(?).

I am crossing my fingers that I will like the series. I love CSI but not NCIS(eventhough the actors are hotter than those in the CSI)...hehehe.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


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I had to catch up in the blogosphere. I don't know where to start and what to update.There is so much to do(aside from getting opps to have moolah). I started reading blogs of my friends and saw something in one of the post. It was a weird comment and it was anonymously done. Couldn't help but relate to the blog topic but a comment like that made me wonder who it was pertaining to.
Was that meant for the person in the topic or the person who bullied the person in the topic?
I understand that sometimes we have to become anonymous online. We post anonymously and it's a free web(you can say anything and everything). I just don't get the comment because it wasn't explain well. Now, enough said. I have to get back to my other blog(it's currently under renovation)..Ciao!

Missing Piece by Danyal Conner

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You do what you're suppose to do,
with no frown or fuss.
Not because you want to ,
but because you must.
Day after day
It's like a routine.
Don’t have too much to say,
You only do the right thing.
Soon you feel empty,
but you don't know what it could be.
You want no sympathy.
But it's something you can't see
Everything used to make sense,
but now you're lost in a maze.
You feel so tense,
and you pray for better days.
Something just doesn't seem right
You look for an answer that's not there.
You stay awake all night,
But you feel like no one cares.
It's right in your face
and you think it's safe,
or should you forget?
Things don't seem the same,
But what should you do?
You think you should change,
But change for who?
Understanding means nothing to you now.
Your heart is pronounced deceased
This should you allow ,
or find your missing piece?

Poem Source: Doing The "right" Thing, Life Poems

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


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I don't know if I will agree but got this funny picture with matching quiz result from kaya pinost ko na lang siya.

Fun Personality Quiz


You've got a pretty even-keeled head on your shoulders. You're well-grounded and realistic. You don't really daydream or think about the future (unless you're planning ahead, of course). Actually, you tend to find day-dreaming and flightiness pretty annoying and pointless. Sometimes people get you confused for being pessimistic, but you know that you're just being real.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


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Just when I thought that I already had registered on all blog advertising sites, I came upon linkfromblog. My friend, Junelle told me about Advertise with my Blogadvertise on blogs and wasted no time to check it and registered my blog. The registration was so easy that I immediately registered my blog and waited for it to be activated.

I am excited to start earning form my blog and getting many tasks after the activation.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


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when you least expect it but you really need it. There are some bad news that happened this pass few days but also a good news/blessing came upon me. I will not go into details but I really need it this time. I didn't expect it but I also want it to work. I am crossing my fingers to the outcome of the said news. I wish God will guide me and help me through it and God is indeed good...all the time.

Will talk more about my experience later if I won't get busy on my future endeavor.Ciao pips!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


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For as long as I could remember, I have been busy trying to understand computers and its other uses aside from research and communicating. Fortunately, I began to understand others uses of computer and technology in terms of making money, social media, and internet marketing through blogger friends. I had so much fun learning and the learning doesn't just stop. It goes on and one and then you get tired. Sometimes, you just wish that everything you want to know is all in one website.

I stumbled upon free widgets site, free online marketing strategy site, free search engine optimization tutorial site and also free making money online site. All of these are information overload and sometimes, you don't easily get what they really mean. Then you begin to feel hay wired. Recently, a site suggestion popped out in my screen. The CqWen site offers more than just SEO tips. It also offers WordPress tips and my favorite Adobe Dreamweaver tutorial. I felt giddy like a child at a candy shoppe.

I began browsing their site and check on the internet and money tab. There is so many things to learned and getting around the site is very easy. I got hooked on their money topics and began to understand what internet marketing is. Just when I thought I knew more about making money, I checked on their SEO blog. Now, I finally found what I have been looking for my personal blog. It helped me in optimizing my site and getting more traffic on my blog site. How cool is that? I really like their simple approach on the topic and they don't make the topic sound so complicated even though they have computer terms in them. I hurriedly bookmarked the site so that I can visit it everyday to learn more and share it to my blogger friends in order to help them in their blog sites.


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I love this song. It brings me back to the realization that Life is full of blessings.

When I'm worried and I can't sleep
I count my blessings instead of sheep
And I fall asleep counting my blessings
When my bankroll is getting small
I think of when I had none at all
And I fall asleep counting my blessings

I think about a nursery and I picture curly heads
And one by one I count them as they slumber in their beds
If you're worried and you can't sleep
Just count your blessings instead of sheep
And you'll fall asleep counting your blessings

I think about a nursery and I picture curly heads
And one by one I count them as they slumber in their beds
If you're worried and you can't sleep
Just count your blessings instead of sheep
And you'll fall asleep counting your blessings


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I love computers but when it comes to technical terms and stuff, I am very illiterate(if that is the right word to describe it.) I tried widening my computer vocabulary but sometimes information overload hits me and the next thing I know is, I am having a headache due to unfamiliar terms. I came upon a product which a friend of mine recommended.

The BalanceNG - The Software Load Balancer is a wonderful product to use in load balancing. He explained that it had made his networking easier and it can be configured easily. I trusted his explanation on the product but technically, I don't understand the some computer terms. In the end, he convinced me to come by his house and see how the product works and will probably purchase one online.

BalanceNG - The Software Load-Balancer

Friday, June 25, 2010


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An office mate commented that I looked chubbier now than before. She asked me what happened and I couldn't find any decent answer except for I ate without thinking. Hehehe. Lately, I have had cravings for certain foods like KFC Krushers-the Berry Banana variety, Durian fruit, and chicken. I ate pizza in the office and all sorts of sweets.

I later found out that I am gaining pounds. Huhuhu.I alaways wanted to start the GM diet program but no willpower. I am trying to control my cravings now and hopefully lose weight ASAP.


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I always love weekends because it's our chance to bond after a week of working. One thing we love doing is cooking and making barbecues. It just gets tough sometimes because of heat and flipping of the meat. I hate it so much until I heard about the new Silicon Barbecue glove stand. Making barbecues are not hard and it can resist 500 degrees of heat while protecting your hands. Sounds good, isn't it? Visit for more demonstrations and be amazed by the product.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


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I have been dying to study fashion designing ever since college. Too bad I can't even afford the fashion school here in the Philippines. I have dreaming after college graduation to go abroad and study fashion designing(Too much for wishful thinking). Now, I'm already at the point where hope is very dim. In order to satisfy my hunger for fashion and everything girly...I studied dressmaking.

Its my initial step into making myself satisfied and be contented in what I can only achieve. Technically in my opinion, one should understand dressmaking before fashion designing. So in order to become one with the people who makes the clothes, you must understand the maker of the clothes. Well I don't know...basta it's just my opinion. I am excited every weekend and the lessons our teacher will teach us. My goal is not only to understand fashion but also to learn the intricacy of the business of dressmaking and maybe become a domesticated homemaker in the future.hehehehe. Ciao!!!(P.S.-will share some of my adventures and misadventures in our classes soon)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


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It seems that everyone right now is concerned about their health and also their wellness. Men and women alike are even vain in different ways. They use products that would make them feel and look beautiful. Many anti aging creams are available in the market and they also promises lesser wrinkles and younger skin in weeks. I even tried some of them and in the end, it will just make you unsatisfied.

Some girls even use antioxidants that make cells alive and then making your skin younger while fighting free radicals. Glutathione is a known product that also gives whiter skin and making you attractive to the opposite sex. Sound good to me but again it will just make me question if the product has no side effects. One product that I saw on the web is the Oxis not only offers products that can be beneficial to the health but also the appearance of every vain men and women. It also gives the same benefits but with therapeutic compounds that can cure diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and also other conditions. If you are also interested in venturing into stocks, the company is open to investors and offers its shares as penny stocks. Not bad for a start up in investing and also making way for wellness and health.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


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My name was supposed to be Harry Krisna or Hannah Lowella. If I can talk that time, I could have choose one of them. Its not that I don't like my name but it sounds simple. The reason I got Shieryl because my father thought that I can't spell my name right if I had two names. My last name is hard to spell and I think it is also one of the reasons I got Shieryl as my first name.

I have always wanted two names and I have been listing my favorite ones like Zoe, Milan, Sinead(yes, it's from Sinead O'Connor), Blair(from Gossip Girl) , Serene(and again from Serena in Gossip Girl) and the two names above-which is supposed to be mine...

One thing's for sure, it should be unique as possible. Ciao!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


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I started to be hooked with Keeping up with the Kardashians. I heard this from an officemate that this series is so hilarious and crazy. I really love reality shows because it shows the crazy side of a celebrity and will make us realize that there even crazier than us. I began following the crazy but ultra stylish Kardashian sisters in Velvet. There all soo sexy and very unique in their different personalities. I like Khloe's sexy personality and she has no inhibitions at all. She's very blunt and she talks dirty which I don't really like.

I like Kim's sweet personality and her very compose attitude. So sexy too. I love her body soo much. Her body fits well with her face, that's so pretty. Her sister Kourtney is also sweet but sometimes gets too weak when it comes to Scott. Crazy but sexy Kardashian girls. I will be catching up on their lives tomorrow. Sometimes, it makes me feel so normal. hehehe

Friday, May 21, 2010


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During my first weeks in blogging, I became hooked on posting different topics and reviews of sorts. I poured all my thoughts in the blog and began exploring the other features of the blog. I liked so much that I even post at least five topics in a week. My writer side blossomed but somehow my blog looks so dull. I began exploring the other add ons in the site and then I stumbled upon different templates and themes of a blog.

I never had any background on website design and even doing codes for html makes my nose bleed. I tried customizing the background color, the fonts and whatever that fancies me. I began to search for free template codes for my blog site and found lots of them. I love all of them but I took so many attempts and changes before settling down on a black and pink theme with feathers. I know it looks so girlish but I like its dark but cute appeal. I can really relate to the topic in It talked about the theme framework and the different sidebars functionality in a blog.

I don't really understand the codes and html topics but I would definitely agree on the article that theme should go well with the blog functionality. I can't wait to share this article with my friends and other bloggers out there.

FAILURE by Amanda Jordan

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I feel it approaching
out of the darkness
out of the staleness
I see it first just as small as the light from a fire fly
It is a silent threat, not heard only felt
Like the storm you see quietly but forcefully
dancing on the horizon.
As it grows in its magnificence
My apprehensive heart beats against my chest
I feel it so close but I keep praying that it will stay far away
My heart pounds wildly until my breath escapes me
My life my existence has been nothing but a great paradox
leading to this moment in time.
There are so many
Their voices screaming in my mind
A thousand thoughts inside only one
How do I help them all
What if I allow one to fall.
Will it swallow them into the parade of lightning
into the abyss of blinding light
Will I too fall for not saving them
I always knew it was there
Safely waiting on the horizon
But I never felt this light would catch me this fast
I never thought the rain would fall upon my skin
But now here it is
Will I have the strength
Strength to make it go away
Only the agony of waiting for the future will tell
Just remember never let it come so close
That you can feel the mist upon you
Because the second you don't realize
the other end of the story
That is the second it grabs a hold on you.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


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I have a certain fascination with Princess Diana. I have her two autobiography books-Diana and Jackie and The Last Words-Diana. I makes me feel so blessed even though she's the princess. At a certain point in her life, she felt trapped and betrayed. I felt pity after reading a few chapters of her autobiographies. I am still fascinated by her life and how she handles the pressure. She still remains over gorgeous and exuding with sex appeal and confidence.

I understand why a gay posted an article on Diana. He became curious on Diana's life just like me. The gay blog stated that there is no conspiracy on the death of Diana. I have to totally agree. Let's just preserve the memory of Diana-so pure, gentle and kind lady.


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I'm in dilemma for a good internet service provider. I had Globelines before and unfortunately, I didn't like how they responded to my urgent calls of internet disconnection. Just when I finally decided for Bayantel, I saw the 999 sim promo of Smart for internet in GMall. Imagine this..buying prepaid SmartBro USB. You should consume the load available in the prepaid then you can switch to the sim 999 unlimited internet. Sounds cool bah? I like it because you can actually bring it anywhere you go. No load problems too. Haaayyy...whatever.basta I should get a new internet service provider soon.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


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My mother's the arranger at home but I am more on the visual touches at home. I don't know but she just go with the flow. She doesn't consult anyone if she makes any arrangement at home. I sometimes go home in shock because she already rearranged the living room. I really like the tip in the on the topic on before you begin decorating at home. It laid out all the details all the ideas you need in decorating the house. The writer must be an interior decorator and engineer...He suggested that a decorator should draw plans and determine the traffic areas in the room. It also also gave ideas that experimenting on furniture is fine.

While browsing the site, I also found some interesting topics but I really liked the topic on lighting. I've been planning on buying a lamp for our living room. I like its classy and modern appeal but I wonder if I will really help in achieving the whole modern feel yet very functional in our living room. The article helped me a lot on determining the lighting color and the effect it will bring in a room. The color of the room while also affect the brightness of the light. Now I know what to look for in a lamp or lighting fixture for a room. I now feel like a certified interior decorator.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


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I used to have a guitar when I was in high school. It's a fad that time and I envy all my classmates strumming their guitar during school breaks. It's cool to be part of the hip and cool group. I hinted my father to buy me a guitar, he did granted my wish. I began practicing only to find out that really don't like guitar that much. It's crazy practicing all day and never getting the guitar chords right.

During summer break, my cousin would stop by the house and play all day on my guitar. It must have worn out my guitar, that some of the strings were broken. Eventually, the guitar broke into pieces due to some arrangement done at home. Nowadays, kids can learn how to play their guitars online. I miss my guitar so much but I don't know if I will still have the eagerness to learn though online tutorial. I have my other online obsession though, it's watching movies online.

I find it hard looking for movies in the video store especially if its classic and famous movies. I then search online for my favorite movies. So easy and will still give you the brilliant features an original DVD copy will. It just need patience to download the movies in order to share them to your family and friends.

As you grow older, your preferences and hobby will also differ. They will sometimes become complicated or more varied than before. It will surely make time worthwhile just like what I am doing right now-downloading the Sherlock Holmes movie for viewing later with my family. ciao!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


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One of our 2009 plans is to go to Bukidnon. Unfortunately, we canceled it due to some important events. Finally, last April 9, 2010 we headed to Bukidnon to experience country living at its purest. We met at Pryce Tower at around 5:00am then traveled to Bukidnon at around 6:30am. The weather's fine but it looks gloomy that day. We had our first stop at Monastery of the Transfiguration in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.

Secondly, we traveled to Edlimar Spring Resort in Maramag, Bukidnon. (By the way, the owner of the resort is Tin Pangilinan's relative.)

(That's Lyka(the bubbly kid), taking pictures of the group)

By the time we arrived at the resort, Lyka won't stop taking pictures of us. Eric candidly took a picture of Lyka happily taking picture of us. We hurriedly changed our clothes and took a dip on of their nine(lang naman) pools in the resort. It was so cold but very rejuvenating for us. It made us relax after the long trip we had. It was such a long trip but it's really worth it and living the country life for a day made us feel so worry free and candid!!!*wink*

Sunday, March 21, 2010


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My recent trip to Cebu and Bohol packed not only fun but also candid moments as well. Some were caught on camera but lots of them were not. My girlfriends are not fond of candid photos. They want them perfect if possible. I was caught off guard wth this picture. I really wanted to touch the snake but I maintained my distance because of the fear that it might bite me.
The picture above was taken in Baclayon Church. It looks candid but it was staged. It must be candid because I want to.hehehe. The church was so amazing and they follow strict rules on proper dressing. My tank top didn't pass the gates of Baclayon Church(also Loise who wore shorts).

Sunday, February 21, 2010


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Taking up a business management course in order to know the ups and downs of a business is a must to understand a business and a company. Its nice to know that schools are molding future entrepreneurs to develop more jobs and be financially independent. It's very easy to understand the terms and applications once you are within the school but once you apply them in the real world, it gets pretty stressful and crazy. Worry no more because organizations like Wisteria can help you in company formation.

They offer accountancy and business advice, business plans, tax advice, company secretary, registered office and mail forwarding and more. They also give you 10 steps in setting up a company in a video format. Can you believe that? Many company owners rely on books that don't have detailed steps on setting up but with Wisteria-setting a up company is as easy as 1 to 10.

Company Formations


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Some of my close friends don't know that I am not a full pledge Catholic. I am a practicing Catholic but I am not officially part of the community. I have been planning this event since last year but stopped going to the seminar on the last 3 months of the year. It made my catechist, Ate Duds anxious. I told her that I have been busy in the office due to seminars, travel and the Christmas preparation etc.

Luckily she texted me and told me that we will go back to our catechism. I felt relieved because I thought she gave up on me. Hehehehe. I also got excited when I learned that there are 4 other adults who will also apply for baptism and confirmation..

Ate Duds adjusted my schedule and she sees to it that we will all be baptize today.

This morning, at around 9:30 am Philippine time. I became a full pledge Catholic. I thank my two godparents, Te Alma and Te Rorie-who at last minute became my ninangs. Thank you for attending my baptism and confirmation.


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My blog is my sometimes my other source of income. I get paid through my reviews about certain product and anything else the advertiser wants to promote. I recently added my blog in a payingpost and everything that a blogger and an advertiser needs in just one site is there. I got excited and couldn't wait to revive my blog to get opportunities from the site. It's not easy to maintain a blog but you have to also get the attention of the advertisers for them to hire you.

Its a good venue for me to express what I feel towards a product, service and, sometimes even the movies I watch and music I just heard. For the advertisers, it would be convenient for them to hire a blogger to blog about their product in the world wide web. They can pay a blogger rather than post a banner in website at a higher price. It would also be reliable on the prospective customers if a certain person already tried and then posted a review on the product. It doesn't offer reliable information but also it can spread the word about the good features of a product or service.

I instantly had my blog enrolled to get into blog advertising. I saw other bloggers who also enrolled in the site. I had fun reading the site's blog about bloggers' experience on paid advertising. I felt so giddy and couldn't wait for my new opportunity from an advertiser. I always like blogging about my interests and what I love doing. It would be nice to share them and also get paid while doing it.

I would love to share this to my blogger friends to get to know more about blog advertising. I am still waiting for more opportunities and for the mean time, I'll post whatever topics I like on my blog.

Review us

Friday, February 19, 2010


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I never had the chance to play in a casino but playing with dice doesn't only mean casino or gambling. When I was a child, I have grown to love board games like scrabble, chess and my favorite, the snakes and ladders.

Sometimes, I consider myself lucky if I finish ahead of the players. Get a strike with a fuzzy decorative dice to ease the feeling of being the "loser".

I always enjoy every moment of my childhood and I wish that kids will also learn the games we played before and not to be confine in a room playing online games.


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Hi there pips, I am back in the blogging world and you might all be wondering why I am back...I don't want to pretend that I blog only for fun but my main reason is to get paid. Yes, having fun is only second on my list of reasons.

I don't know though if I'll be back for good because last time i remembered, I already announced that I'll be reviving my blog but I failed.

Well, see you around and today, one thing is for sure- I already have an opportunity waiting for me.*wink* ciao!

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