Thursday, August 26, 2010


Posted by shierylssi at 3:58 AM
I love computers but when it comes to technical terms and stuff, I am very illiterate(if that is the right word to describe it.) I tried widening my computer vocabulary but sometimes information overload hits me and the next thing I know is, I am having a headache due to unfamiliar terms. I came upon a product which a friend of mine recommended.

The BalanceNG - The Software Load Balancer is a wonderful product to use in load balancing. He explained that it had made his networking easier and it can be configured easily. I trusted his explanation on the product but technically, I don't understand the some computer terms. In the end, he convinced me to come by his house and see how the product works and will probably purchase one online.

BalanceNG - The Software Load-Balancer



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