Saturday, October 29, 2011


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This is one hilarious book. It took me almost two months to finish because for the simple reason that-I don't want to finish it yet. Good thing, I'm through with this book(because I am reading a new book-Woman, Work and Savior Faire by Mireille Guillano) But I'll talk about it next time.

I wasn't supposed to buy this book. I saw this book in my favorite affordable bookstore, Booksale but I ignored it. I remembered the title well and I saw that the cover is so intriguing but then again-I left it. Next thing I know, I am at the Abreeza scouring the books at Fully Booked. I must admit the books are so varied and appealing that you will be like a kid in a candy store. I love them all but...a big BUT..they are so expensive. I can't blame them. They have the widest selection of books. I was busy looking around when, lo and behold...RETAIL HELL by Freeman Hall.

I was shocked to know that it cost around PHP600. My jaw dropped and while I was reading it-I had an instant LOL mood on the book.(Of course, not really loud or they might think I am crazy.hahaha.) You know what I did? I immediately rushed to Booksale and bought the same book for only PHP75. Now, that's LOL.

I wasn't disappointed at all. Maybe if I bought the book at PHP600-I would feel still the same. The story is about a homo guy who works in a famous retail store. His adventure with the customers where hilarious and even his comments are very LOL. This book is a good stress reliever. You can also check out the Retail Hell site if you want to know more about the author.

I might share this to one of my gay friends. I just hope they can relate to the sales thing..
Anyway, that's it for now. I will blog soon about the new book I am reading. Ciao pips!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


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A journey to a place unknown and new to me. I am going alone. I am a bit excited but also a bit scared. I pray that everything will be okay. I am trying my best to be strong for my dreams to be realized. I am so dependent in my family and would love to try to be independent for a few days. I hope I can handle the long distance and the chance of a wonderful experience ahead of me...AJA!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011


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I am recently adjusting my time at night for jobs that entail online focus and not wandering around Facebook. I had problems with my teeny weeny net book in Skype but I managed to get by with a little panic and craziness in between. So much for that introduction. I am teaching online and I guess I need a handful of Asians to complete my Asianovela cast.

I have Chinese students whom I teach IELTS-which by the way, I don't even have experience in. Yes, that's what I call gutsy. It sounds interesting and I am very eager to learn but my experience says otherwise. haist! I actually shows in the manner I speak or talk to them. My first class today gave me chills not because of fear but because of frustration. She commented that she can't adapt to me. What? Adapting is not the right word girl. You probably mean you can't understand me. hahaha. I get it now, but she told my trainer otherwise. She told my trainer that I didn't help her and there is long silence between us. WTH? Anyway, I am not giving up on these Chinese kids. Wait 'till I am better and I'll teach you what IELTS is all about. I guess I need to practice more and be confident next time. Whatever!(good thing my trainer is soo patient and understanding.)

I also have a Japanese student with his mom who regularly talks to me online. Of course they paid me. I won't go talking about blah blah blah without earning something. One thing I like about the class is that it is conversational in nature. We can talk anything we want and for as long as 1 hour. The Chinese class pays very well but I am loving the Japanese set up. No pressure, just plain talk and with sense. I don't know how long this will last but I am pretty sure that I'm in as long as it wants my professional skills.(ehem!) Until now, I can't still get over the Chinese kid I taught a while ago. I pity her because she didn't like me but I felt sorry for myself too for not making the mark. 'Till next online adventure sonsaengnim(korean for teacher)!!!Aja fighting!Ciao!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011


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It's been months since we talked but what went wrong? I just felt that you changed a lot and I cannot understand your airhead attitude. I am a bit irritated but I am patient. I can keep up with it but sometimes, it pays to blog it than keep it to myself.aaarrrggghh.hehehe.

I can see that your doing fine and you seemed happy from where you've been. I am just here to listen but please..enough with the superficial talks. It gives me creeps and I can sometimes feel that your just pretending to be okay.I just need a decent talk with you and I want it just like before. I know angels can soar but they also fall. Don't make me feel like I look like a loser with all your achievements. One advice too...don't call me if you just want to brag because I might walk out on you.

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