Saturday, March 17, 2012


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I am not really fond of zombie movies but I like the Resident Evil movie so much. Aside from that, nothing else. What so fun about zombie running around and even preying on human? That's gross and looking at humans helpless is worst than I could imagine.

But now, I am taking back my word on that because my addiction to American series lead me to this. Many friends of mine even talked about it on Facebook. I got so curious and downloaded the full Season 1 episodes in torrent. Wow..I couldn't stop watching it. I finish the whole season 1 in just one day. Okay, it's just six episodes.hehehe. It made me a little frustrated because the plot is so riveting and it finished sooner than I expected.

I have to get my hands on Season 2 soon. I am just so excited and I am practicing my scream now.hahaha. Well, if you like zombie movies then check this out. I will surely make you scream and you will be glued to your seats..Enjoy!


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There will come a time in our life that we meet someone that will blow our mind away...Like someone who is very bad in English in elementary but because of self study and practice, he can speak English very well now. (that's my boss in my online school!Cool!!) I am just your average English speaker but sometimes when you get to know someone who is so passionate about learning and speaking different languages, you ask yourself...what have I been doing for the past few years? I love learning new things but sometimes I need that extra kick to get going. There are many things to explore and I always tell my student that learning something new needs passion and motivation. I felt guilty every time I say that because one point in my life, I felt that I lack motivation and passion. I love what I am doing but I stopped doing it. I love clothes and I studied how to use the sewing machine last year. By the time I finished the sewing lessons, I know, I have to buy a sewing machine to practice what I learned. Now, I think it's almost a year already but no sewing machine. Huhuhu. Same thing with Korean language. I learned Korean three years ago but again-another epic fail! I never practiced or pursued my Korean language lessons.

You see, I don't easily give up but sometimes the motivation and passion is not cultivated very much. It's the same reason why I don't want to learn driving because I don't have car. I don't want to learn baking because I don't have an oven but I would love to learn how to drive and I love baking as much as eating. I bought baking books but never tried it before.*facepalm*

One day, I was asked by someone if I want to learn a new language-maybe French or German. I said I can't because both languages are difficult to learn. He laughed a little and then said that anything that you don't know is difficult. It will just stop you from learning and he thinks that learning should never stop. He even said that a good motivation in learning a new language is that I should always think that GOD can only understand German/French/Spanish/etc in heaven. I cannot enter heaven if I don't know GOD's language. I was shocked when he said that. It was yes, pretty nice motivation there but I think he uses that words to motivate his students. I began to question my motivation and passion that day.

Now, I feel like I shouldn't stop learning. Right now, using that motivating words and the passion of my boss in learning other language, I think I should start learning other things. This doesn't only apply to learning new language but I think this is the "kick" that I have been waiting to kick me in my butt.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


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My love for dancing also shows in my love for movies with dancing theme. I have seen almost all dancing movies like Dirty Dancing( with Patrick Swayze) , Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, Step Up, Dance with Me, Take the Lead, Happy Feet, Innocents Steps(Korean movie) and many more. I watched Footloose a few days ago and I loved the movie so much. It's not about ballroom but it makes you want to stand up and dance. It's a feel good movie but I can't compare it to the older Footloose movie because I haven't watched it. It's a typical teenage movie but I still like Dance with Me. Okay, I like it more because of Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez but Kelly Wormald(the lead actor) is very cool and he danced very well. I find guys who can dance very cool. I usually fall for guys who are musically inclined or who can dance and it doesn't hurt too if he is smart and funny. hahaha. Too much movies!!Now, back to reality.

I started my love for dancing when I was in high school and I started dancing dance sports or ballroom as it is commonly called. I can still remember our funny group, why funny? because only few boys in the school wants to join the group. The other boys thinks they will be called "gay" if they joined the group. Hahaha.

So the girls will take turns with the guys in dancing the ballroom and when there is school presentation, we have to do a line dance because we have no partners. Looks funny right but it's true and we have to deal with the "ego" of our guys. I like it so much that if I want to dance again. It doesn't only give me confidence but it also helps in my physical activity. I tend to gain weight if I don't move too much. Dancing keeps my body stable and it also makes you confident. Oh, I miss dancing. I wish I can go back soon.

Monday, March 12, 2012


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This dog is very famous in our household and also in Japan. My boss is always looking for it especially if the dog is very quiet.hahaha.Totally strange isn't it? I supposed he wants some quiet atmosphere when I teach him but he said otherwise and he misses the sound of the dog. I took a picture of it to let my boss know what it looks like. Ciao!

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Okay,i am not very old not to accept change and not so young enough too to be so aggressive in my work. I know sometimes great challenges comes with great power. I don't what to look that I am already hard headed but sometimes there are challenges that are worth it. I don't what to go into the details. This might sound ideal and for the betterment of the organization,but it's utterly absurd to let someone go through drastic changes. I don't know how to face this challenge and one thing is sure, I not a coward but I feel that the challenge is not enough for the rewards it will reap. Now that I am already contemplating what to do with my life, I think my plans will be early than usual. Carpe Diem! Seize the day!

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Monday, March 5, 2012


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I have been teaching for almost four months now. I have been asked many times why I am always diligent,why I am always available. Okay, let me get this straight to the point..I need extra income for myself and my loved ones. Another reason is I really love teaching. I still remember my first teaching stint( i am not paid) but the happiness the kids bring in the class keeps me active for weeks and even months..I taught catechism and the kids were adorable. My second teaching experience was in the university. It was mainly volunteer work but I taught younger students on school policies and we sometimes do immersion work outside the school. It was so much fun and since then, I developed my passion for teaching. Now, if you are still wondering why I don't bored and tired doing this..mainly it's passion,happiness,fulfillment and the compensation of course. I might share my happy experience with my students, one of this days. For now, sensei signing off! Ciao!

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