Saturday, March 17, 2012


Posted by shierylssi at 11:53 AM
I am not really fond of zombie movies but I like the Resident Evil movie so much. Aside from that, nothing else. What so fun about zombie running around and even preying on human? That's gross and looking at humans helpless is worst than I could imagine.

But now, I am taking back my word on that because my addiction to American series lead me to this. Many friends of mine even talked about it on Facebook. I got so curious and downloaded the full Season 1 episodes in torrent. Wow..I couldn't stop watching it. I finish the whole season 1 in just one day. Okay, it's just six episodes.hehehe. It made me a little frustrated because the plot is so riveting and it finished sooner than I expected.

I have to get my hands on Season 2 soon. I am just so excited and I am practicing my scream now.hahaha. Well, if you like zombie movies then check this out. I will surely make you scream and you will be glued to your seats..Enjoy!



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