Saturday, March 17, 2012


Posted by shierylssi at 9:04 AM
There will come a time in our life that we meet someone that will blow our mind away...Like someone who is very bad in English in elementary but because of self study and practice, he can speak English very well now. (that's my boss in my online school!Cool!!) I am just your average English speaker but sometimes when you get to know someone who is so passionate about learning and speaking different languages, you ask yourself...what have I been doing for the past few years? I love learning new things but sometimes I need that extra kick to get going. There are many things to explore and I always tell my student that learning something new needs passion and motivation. I felt guilty every time I say that because one point in my life, I felt that I lack motivation and passion. I love what I am doing but I stopped doing it. I love clothes and I studied how to use the sewing machine last year. By the time I finished the sewing lessons, I know, I have to buy a sewing machine to practice what I learned. Now, I think it's almost a year already but no sewing machine. Huhuhu. Same thing with Korean language. I learned Korean three years ago but again-another epic fail! I never practiced or pursued my Korean language lessons.

You see, I don't easily give up but sometimes the motivation and passion is not cultivated very much. It's the same reason why I don't want to learn driving because I don't have car. I don't want to learn baking because I don't have an oven but I would love to learn how to drive and I love baking as much as eating. I bought baking books but never tried it before.*facepalm*

One day, I was asked by someone if I want to learn a new language-maybe French or German. I said I can't because both languages are difficult to learn. He laughed a little and then said that anything that you don't know is difficult. It will just stop you from learning and he thinks that learning should never stop. He even said that a good motivation in learning a new language is that I should always think that GOD can only understand German/French/Spanish/etc in heaven. I cannot enter heaven if I don't know GOD's language. I was shocked when he said that. It was yes, pretty nice motivation there but I think he uses that words to motivate his students. I began to question my motivation and passion that day.

Now, I feel like I shouldn't stop learning. Right now, using that motivating words and the passion of my boss in learning other language, I think I should start learning other things. This doesn't only apply to learning new language but I think this is the "kick" that I have been waiting to kick me in my butt.



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