Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Posted by shierylssi at 4:48 AM
My love for dancing also shows in my love for movies with dancing theme. I have seen almost all dancing movies like Dirty Dancing( with Patrick Swayze) , Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, Step Up, Dance with Me, Take the Lead, Happy Feet, Innocents Steps(Korean movie) and many more. I watched Footloose a few days ago and I loved the movie so much. It's not about ballroom but it makes you want to stand up and dance. It's a feel good movie but I can't compare it to the older Footloose movie because I haven't watched it. It's a typical teenage movie but I still like Dance with Me. Okay, I like it more because of Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez but Kelly Wormald(the lead actor) is very cool and he danced very well. I find guys who can dance very cool. I usually fall for guys who are musically inclined or who can dance and it doesn't hurt too if he is smart and funny. hahaha. Too much movies!!Now, back to reality.

I started my love for dancing when I was in high school and I started dancing dance sports or ballroom as it is commonly called. I can still remember our funny group, why funny? because only few boys in the school wants to join the group. The other boys thinks they will be called "gay" if they joined the group. Hahaha.

So the girls will take turns with the guys in dancing the ballroom and when there is school presentation, we have to do a line dance because we have no partners. Looks funny right but it's true and we have to deal with the "ego" of our guys. I like it so much that if I want to dance again. It doesn't only give me confidence but it also helps in my physical activity. I tend to gain weight if I don't move too much. Dancing keeps my body stable and it also makes you confident. Oh, I miss dancing. I wish I can go back soon.



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