Sunday, February 21, 2010


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Taking up a business management course in order to know the ups and downs of a business is a must to understand a business and a company. Its nice to know that schools are molding future entrepreneurs to develop more jobs and be financially independent. It's very easy to understand the terms and applications once you are within the school but once you apply them in the real world, it gets pretty stressful and crazy. Worry no more because organizations like Wisteria can help you in company formation.

They offer accountancy and business advice, business plans, tax advice, company secretary, registered office and mail forwarding and more. They also give you 10 steps in setting up a company in a video format. Can you believe that? Many company owners rely on books that don't have detailed steps on setting up but with Wisteria-setting a up company is as easy as 1 to 10.

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Some of my close friends don't know that I am not a full pledge Catholic. I am a practicing Catholic but I am not officially part of the community. I have been planning this event since last year but stopped going to the seminar on the last 3 months of the year. It made my catechist, Ate Duds anxious. I told her that I have been busy in the office due to seminars, travel and the Christmas preparation etc.

Luckily she texted me and told me that we will go back to our catechism. I felt relieved because I thought she gave up on me. Hehehehe. I also got excited when I learned that there are 4 other adults who will also apply for baptism and confirmation..

Ate Duds adjusted my schedule and she sees to it that we will all be baptize today.

This morning, at around 9:30 am Philippine time. I became a full pledge Catholic. I thank my two godparents, Te Alma and Te Rorie-who at last minute became my ninangs. Thank you for attending my baptism and confirmation.


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My blog is my sometimes my other source of income. I get paid through my reviews about certain product and anything else the advertiser wants to promote. I recently added my blog in a payingpost and everything that a blogger and an advertiser needs in just one site is there. I got excited and couldn't wait to revive my blog to get opportunities from the site. It's not easy to maintain a blog but you have to also get the attention of the advertisers for them to hire you.

Its a good venue for me to express what I feel towards a product, service and, sometimes even the movies I watch and music I just heard. For the advertisers, it would be convenient for them to hire a blogger to blog about their product in the world wide web. They can pay a blogger rather than post a banner in website at a higher price. It would also be reliable on the prospective customers if a certain person already tried and then posted a review on the product. It doesn't offer reliable information but also it can spread the word about the good features of a product or service.

I instantly had my blog enrolled to get into blog advertising. I saw other bloggers who also enrolled in the site. I had fun reading the site's blog about bloggers' experience on paid advertising. I felt so giddy and couldn't wait for my new opportunity from an advertiser. I always like blogging about my interests and what I love doing. It would be nice to share them and also get paid while doing it.

I would love to share this to my blogger friends to get to know more about blog advertising. I am still waiting for more opportunities and for the mean time, I'll post whatever topics I like on my blog.

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Friday, February 19, 2010


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I never had the chance to play in a casino but playing with dice doesn't only mean casino or gambling. When I was a child, I have grown to love board games like scrabble, chess and my favorite, the snakes and ladders.

Sometimes, I consider myself lucky if I finish ahead of the players. Get a strike with a fuzzy decorative dice to ease the feeling of being the "loser".

I always enjoy every moment of my childhood and I wish that kids will also learn the games we played before and not to be confine in a room playing online games.


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Hi there pips, I am back in the blogging world and you might all be wondering why I am back...I don't want to pretend that I blog only for fun but my main reason is to get paid. Yes, having fun is only second on my list of reasons.

I don't know though if I'll be back for good because last time i remembered, I already announced that I'll be reviving my blog but I failed.

Well, see you around and today, one thing is for sure- I already have an opportunity waiting for me.*wink* ciao!

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