Sunday, February 21, 2010


Posted by shierylssi at 5:34 AM
Some of my close friends don't know that I am not a full pledge Catholic. I am a practicing Catholic but I am not officially part of the community. I have been planning this event since last year but stopped going to the seminar on the last 3 months of the year. It made my catechist, Ate Duds anxious. I told her that I have been busy in the office due to seminars, travel and the Christmas preparation etc.

Luckily she texted me and told me that we will go back to our catechism. I felt relieved because I thought she gave up on me. Hehehehe. I also got excited when I learned that there are 4 other adults who will also apply for baptism and confirmation..

Ate Duds adjusted my schedule and she sees to it that we will all be baptize today.

This morning, at around 9:30 am Philippine time. I became a full pledge Catholic. I thank my two godparents, Te Alma and Te Rorie-who at last minute became my ninangs. Thank you for attending my baptism and confirmation.


Marites said...

welcome to the Catholic world!

junelle said...

congrats shei, welcome to the Catholic world.


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