Sunday, February 21, 2010


Posted by shierylssi at 3:40 AM
My blog is my sometimes my other source of income. I get paid through my reviews about certain product and anything else the advertiser wants to promote. I recently added my blog in a payingpost and everything that a blogger and an advertiser needs in just one site is there. I got excited and couldn't wait to revive my blog to get opportunities from the site. It's not easy to maintain a blog but you have to also get the attention of the advertisers for them to hire you.

Its a good venue for me to express what I feel towards a product, service and, sometimes even the movies I watch and music I just heard. For the advertisers, it would be convenient for them to hire a blogger to blog about their product in the world wide web. They can pay a blogger rather than post a banner in website at a higher price. It would also be reliable on the prospective customers if a certain person already tried and then posted a review on the product. It doesn't offer reliable information but also it can spread the word about the good features of a product or service.

I instantly had my blog enrolled to get into blog advertising. I saw other bloggers who also enrolled in the site. I had fun reading the site's blog about bloggers' experience on paid advertising. I felt so giddy and couldn't wait for my new opportunity from an advertiser. I always like blogging about my interests and what I love doing. It would be nice to share them and also get paid while doing it.

I would love to share this to my blogger friends to get to know more about blog advertising. I am still waiting for more opportunities and for the mean time, I'll post whatever topics I like on my blog.

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Nisha said...

do you know something ? that they don't pay the money to any blogger s, they have to give me 120 usd. from last 5 months i am requesting them but no use.


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