Friday, June 25, 2010


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An office mate commented that I looked chubbier now than before. She asked me what happened and I couldn't find any decent answer except for I ate without thinking. Hehehe. Lately, I have had cravings for certain foods like KFC Krushers-the Berry Banana variety, Durian fruit, and chicken. I ate pizza in the office and all sorts of sweets.

I later found out that I am gaining pounds. Huhuhu.I alaways wanted to start the GM diet program but no willpower. I am trying to control my cravings now and hopefully lose weight ASAP.


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I always love weekends because it's our chance to bond after a week of working. One thing we love doing is cooking and making barbecues. It just gets tough sometimes because of heat and flipping of the meat. I hate it so much until I heard about the new Silicon Barbecue glove stand. Making barbecues are not hard and it can resist 500 degrees of heat while protecting your hands. Sounds good, isn't it? Visit for more demonstrations and be amazed by the product.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


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I have been dying to study fashion designing ever since college. Too bad I can't even afford the fashion school here in the Philippines. I have dreaming after college graduation to go abroad and study fashion designing(Too much for wishful thinking). Now, I'm already at the point where hope is very dim. In order to satisfy my hunger for fashion and everything girly...I studied dressmaking.

Its my initial step into making myself satisfied and be contented in what I can only achieve. Technically in my opinion, one should understand dressmaking before fashion designing. So in order to become one with the people who makes the clothes, you must understand the maker of the clothes. Well I don't know...basta it's just my opinion. I am excited every weekend and the lessons our teacher will teach us. My goal is not only to understand fashion but also to learn the intricacy of the business of dressmaking and maybe become a domesticated homemaker in the future.hehehehe. Ciao!!!(P.S.-will share some of my adventures and misadventures in our classes soon)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


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It seems that everyone right now is concerned about their health and also their wellness. Men and women alike are even vain in different ways. They use products that would make them feel and look beautiful. Many anti aging creams are available in the market and they also promises lesser wrinkles and younger skin in weeks. I even tried some of them and in the end, it will just make you unsatisfied.

Some girls even use antioxidants that make cells alive and then making your skin younger while fighting free radicals. Glutathione is a known product that also gives whiter skin and making you attractive to the opposite sex. Sound good to me but again it will just make me question if the product has no side effects. One product that I saw on the web is the Oxis not only offers products that can be beneficial to the health but also the appearance of every vain men and women. It also gives the same benefits but with therapeutic compounds that can cure diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and also other conditions. If you are also interested in venturing into stocks, the company is open to investors and offers its shares as penny stocks. Not bad for a start up in investing and also making way for wellness and health.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


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My name was supposed to be Harry Krisna or Hannah Lowella. If I can talk that time, I could have choose one of them. Its not that I don't like my name but it sounds simple. The reason I got Shieryl because my father thought that I can't spell my name right if I had two names. My last name is hard to spell and I think it is also one of the reasons I got Shieryl as my first name.

I have always wanted two names and I have been listing my favorite ones like Zoe, Milan, Sinead(yes, it's from Sinead O'Connor), Blair(from Gossip Girl) , Serene(and again from Serena in Gossip Girl) and the two names above-which is supposed to be mine...

One thing's for sure, it should be unique as possible. Ciao!

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