Saturday, June 19, 2010


Posted by shierylssi at 5:04 AM
My name was supposed to be Harry Krisna or Hannah Lowella. If I can talk that time, I could have choose one of them. Its not that I don't like my name but it sounds simple. The reason I got Shieryl because my father thought that I can't spell my name right if I had two names. My last name is hard to spell and I think it is also one of the reasons I got Shieryl as my first name.

I have always wanted two names and I have been listing my favorite ones like Zoe, Milan, Sinead(yes, it's from Sinead O'Connor), Blair(from Gossip Girl) , Serene(and again from Serena in Gossip Girl) and the two names above-which is supposed to be mine...

One thing's for sure, it should be unique as possible. Ciao!



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