Friday, October 31, 2008


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Kids of my officemates wearing cute Halloween costumes

Kristine P.'s niece wearing a cool devil ensemble

Little Julie D.-fairy busy eating lollipop

I want to be a kid again so that I can have the excuse to wear Halloween costumes and get loot bags with goodies.hehehe.

Last October 30, 2008, our office partied with kids for the Halloween "Trick or Treat" party. There were lots of treats and tricks(I mean, magic tricks) for kids.

The kids were adorable and they had fun while receiving treats. They also feast on party foods like ice cream, chocolate fondue, hotdogs and popcorn.YUM..YUM.. Too bad the adults will have to purchase party foods if they are hungry.huhuhu.

It is one heck of a party because kids are all over the office after their party. Good thing, few clients only visited the office that aftternoon.

Here we are, clowning around the decorations after the party. It is nice to be kid again even for a day. (FYI: The devil horns I am wearing was purchased in Gensan. A steal for only Php29 and it lights up!hehehe)


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This is my first Mindanao Bloggers Summit. The funny thing is, I realize that I didn't print my MBS2 pass yet.huhuhu. It's already past midnight and decide to search on "24 hour internet cafe in Davao City" on Goggle. Good thing, there is one in Bonifacio St. My mind is still awake but I need to sleep. I haven't pack my bags yet and don't have any idea what to wear. I set my alarm at 3:30 am so that I can have time to go to Bonifacio St. before heading to our meeting place at McDonalds umbrella.

I got up early(earlier than my parents-HIMALA!) and had only 3 hours of sleep. I don't want also Junelle and Mam Tes to wait for me. My heart is beating fast too. What if that internet cafe is no longer there? or what if it is not open yet?huhhuhuhuh. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for a miracle. Haaayyy, salamat was the word my mind said out loud when I reached Bonifacio St. I quickly printed my pass and hailed a cab.

I reached McDonalds' umbrella just in time for a quick breakfast. I waited for Junelle and then it started to rain. Ok, fast forward...We reached the bus terminal at around 6am. We calculated that we will reach Gensan by 9am. (Yikes! we're an hour late for the registration). The bus ride was okay except that the air condition made me shiver. I managed to sleep a little in the bus.

We reached Gensan and my heart is beating fast again. My mind is racing and asking " Are we late?" or " What if people will stare at us while entering the room in the middle of a speaker's speech?"

Thank God, the registration is still on going by the time we reach the convention center. I bet nobody noticed that we were late.hehehe. We settled in front to get a glimpse of what is in store for us. After a few minutes, the program started...


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I went to General Santos City to attend the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit last October 25, 2008. Bloggers from different parts of Mindanao gather to learn, promote Mindanao awareness and get to know each other well. We registered at around 9am and everyone was already there. Soo many people and some face were a little bit familiar. The Summit lasted for day and the learnings are worth it. I am in awe with so many personalities around me and diverse talents.

After the summit, we visited the KCC Mall of Gensan and I bought some stuff which I forgot to bring.hehehe. (Trivia: While riding the motorcycle, we learned from the driver that few taxis only roam around the city. Once you board one, don't forget to get the calling card of the driver because you can't find a taxi around the city when you need one)

We had dinner at Family Country Hotel and after that, we danced the night away. Even though I am exhausted, I still managed to post something on my blog that night. Then off I go to bed after all the fun.

I woke up early because I am sooo excited. The Sunday itinerary was fun. We visited Gensan Fishing Port to catch the action and be amazed of all the gigantic bariles in the port. (FYI: The fishing port was well maintained because I didn't saw a single fly around the fishes. Squeaky clean huh?)

Now this place is breathtaking. The first thing that came into my mind when I saw this is a wedding reception . Hahahaha. Do I hear wedding bells? Nah...

You can see the horizon and marvel at the wonderful landscapes. I can stay in this place forever but with WIFI access (of course). How can let the world know what I feel if I can't blog?.hehehe.

I love this place but too bad, time is up. We have to move on to the People's Champ house and be amazed again.( I have a different post for Manny Pacquiao's house.Please watch out for it.) Ciao!

Photos courtesy of Mam Tes

Thursday, October 30, 2008


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This picture was taken at the DigitalFilipino Club Fellowship Night. We attended the event because we learned that Ms. Janette Toral, the author of Blogging from Home book will grace the event. We really admire her and we want to learn more from her. It is the first bloggers event that I attended. I had so much fun but expected that it will last up to eleven in the evening.

The food was great and the people are so warm. PAGCOR sponsored the event and even gave away coupons in the raffle. Too bad, I don't the rules in the casino.hehehe. The event finished past 8pm and we stayed for a while to listen to the band. Charles took this picture while we are lounging and talking at the back. Thanks for the wonderful candid shot, Charles.

It was still early when we left so we decided to try the coffee shop in Damosa. Anyways, we ended the night by saying goodbye and promised to myself that I will buy Ms. Janette Toral's book one of this days.hehehehe.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


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Did I mention last night that I am going to NCCC Mall Maa? I am blogging from here and I was seriously happy when I learned that the booth was set up in the entertainment area. It screams WIFI connection all over the place.

We arrived early and I hurriedly set up my laptop but only to find out that I cannot connect to the Globequest connection. Huhuhu. I felt bad and I am bored to death too. Anyway, I just entertained clients who passed by every now and then. Hahaaay.

Well, I don't give up people. I went to search all over the place to get the WIFI connection I needed. Together with Charina, (who recently purchase a WIFI phone that spells SOSYAL) we went to Globequest to ask for a passkey. They didn't give us any but it was a blessing in disguise too. She checked her phone and said that there is a LINKSYS connection. Hehehhe. I grinned and I told her to try and connect. The finale, we connected with LINKSYS but we end up in the 3rd floor near the Pasta and Pancit tambayan.bwahahaha. Now I am here busy fiddling with my laptop and sipping whatever-I-don't-remember-the-name shake. Ciao!


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I will be in charge of the Pag-IBIG Fund booth tomorrow in NCCC Mall-Maa. I will be servicing clients inquiries and other stuff. I am hoping that I can get free WIFI access because I will be bringing my laptop with me. I am expecting that many people will come and I hope I will enjoy the event. Ciao!

Monday, October 27, 2008


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Photo from

I am here staring at my laptop right now and looking at pictures from the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit held in General Santos City. I am cooling down with ice cream but still waiting for it to melt. I love melted ice cream. I just can't explain why.

I wanted to post pictures from the Summit but my head is starting to ache. Let's just see what happens in the next few hours.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


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The Halloween decorations are already placed in our counter and we wasted no time and took pictures in front of our horrific mask. Bwahahaha. Do you recognize the man behind the mask? Hmmm, I bet you won't. He is our very energetic manager, Manolito Olegario. He posed with the mask and we didn't bugged him to do it. hehehe. He was probably amused hen he passed by our counter and saw us taking pictures.

I was partly happy and shocked when he posed with us. He is a very serious manager and don't always mingle with others. You rarely see him laugh and jokes around when he is in good mood. It changed my perception of him and I hope he continues to mingle with us.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


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It's been 2 years since my visit to Pearl Farm. Getting there is like a luxury and very painful in my pocket. I don't know if I can go back there soon. I am just hoping I will win the deal I made with a Korean classmate. I might come back there next year.bwahahaha.

I had fun with friends there while accompanying Korean friends and our Korean teacher. The food is yummy and I am dreaming of sunbathing in Malipano Island.huhuhu. I really wish I will win and have the most wonderful vacation again in Pearl Farm.

Monday, October 13, 2008


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This my aunt, Rotche. She married Lee Dong Koon, a Korean. She's happy in Korea right now and I am also happy for her. I just recently learned that she had a Friendster account. I enjoyed browsing through their pictures. The pictures here are from her account. She rarely visits Davao City and when she's in the Philippines, she usually drop by Manila or Agusan del Sur.

This pretty girl is Seme. Last time I saw her, she was just a baby. She's grown up now and very pretty. We even joked to my aunt before that she can be an actress because she's charming. Her father thinks otherwise. In South Korea, women must have a college degree in order to gain respect from the society. I believe she's smart, I talked to her on the phone before but I didn't understand some of the words she said. hehehehe.

The two pretty girls beside Seme are Sena and Sere. The three lovely ladies of the Lee family. They are so close with each other and they don't resemble one another. Ok, let me explain this. Seme looks like uncle Lee, Sena looks like my grandmother and the youngest child, Sere looks like my aunt. They are so adorable. I wonder if they will like me in person?

Anyway, I can probably talk to them the basic words I know in Korean like "Annyeong haseyo", "Kumawo", "Saranghe", "Bangapsumnidda","Chon ma neyo" etc.hehehe. Nose bleed anyone?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall 2008 TV

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Friday, October 10, 2008


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University of Southeastern Philippines is near to my heart because I finished my high school in this university. I miss the high school fun and friends. I also started my master's degree last 2006 and I am hoping to get a scholarship to minimize the expenses. I miss my school and I am contemplating if I will go back to school next year. I love my school because I can experience the university feel. Cool air, wide area to roam around, and big oval to hang out.

This is the very famous "eagle" of USEP. Any Usepian you know will surely agree that this is the most famous meeting place, tambayan of Laboratory School students (when the classrooms are flooded...hehehe) and the symbol of the school. I can still remember when the Laboratory School classrooms are flooded, we hang out in this place. You can easily tell from the gate that there is no class. I love rainy days during my 1st and 2nd year in high school but I began to hate it when I entered my 3rd year.

On my third year, I joined PMT (Preparatory Military Training) and we always clean the flooded room together with the Boy and Girl Scout members. I know it's dirty but it's fun.hehehe.

I finished more than 10 rounds of jogging here in the oval during my high school days. hehehe. I love to people watch and just hang out in this place. I also made different military crawls here.

The School of Governance and Management is near the oval and I have to walk this open area on a hot Saturday afternoon to attend my masteral classes.huhuhu. I really love my school and I wish we can have an alumni homecoming and share stories again just like before.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


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I had the privilege to pose with our dashing and hardworking CEO, Mr. Romero F.S. Quimbo. He visited our office and I didn't hesitate when our manager, Mr. Olegario said that we can take pictures with him.

As described in the Pag-IBIG Fund website, His work day starts as early 7 a.m. and ends as late as 9 p.m. Almost always, he's the last one to leave the Pag-IBIG offices in Atrium building in Makati City. Sometimes on weekends, he finds himself alone at work in the office.

Why the long and extra work hours? It's pressure of the job, he says, adding that "if I were to enumerate the problems that we have, we'll probably come up with piece of writing as long as the Book of Genesis.


A native son of Catbalogan, Samar, Atty. Quimbo finished his Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, where he also graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. He was a consistent scholar throughout his academic life, a champion debater and team captain of the U.P. Law Debate Team, and a distinguished student leader.

Atty. Quimbo was the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of HDMF before he took over the top post at the age of 33. Prior to joining Pag-IBIG, he was among the pioneers of Philippine e-commerce as President and Managing Director of He has also worked at the House of Representatives, Mondex Philippines, Inc. and Technotrix Philippines, Inc., and was an associate at the Poblador, Bautista and Reyes Law Offices.

Atty. Quimbo is married and has one child.

Monday, October 6, 2008

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Waiting for the world to change? hehehe. No. I am waiting for the food and my friend, Michelle in the counter. There are really times when it is nice to let just time pass, looking at people and daydream. No problems and how I wish I could spend everyday like that. I earn while eating, sleeping and even during leisure time. I manage my time and I can wake up late and spend time at home in pajamas.

If I have the luxury of money and time, I will spend it with my family traveling. Visiting places we only see in magazines and television. Dining at unique places and having fun. Wish a genie grant my wish and God be at my side.

Oooppps, Michelle's here. YUM YUM, I really love french fries and cheeseburger. Oh, what was I talking a while ago?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

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Our favorite pastime aside from watching movies, eating and mall marathon. Singing videoke makes me relieve stress and a good way to bond with officemates. The singing session happened in Zed's Pizza and this is the last videoke house we checked out. All videoke houses we tried were full and people were waiting outside. We like the place and we forgot to try their house specialty, the pizza. We were so excited to sing and take pictures.

The place is not so friendly though, it's like a maze. hehehe. You have to pass so many stairs, doors and I don't know how many corners before you reach the room. If you're tipsy, you will be lost or might end up in the c.r instead of the stairs.

We'll check this place out again but I will try their pizza. I will post my review on their pizza and whatever I fancy.hehehe.Ciao!


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Took this picture while riding home. This is the famous Durian Hotel of Davao City. I remember in high school, we drop by frequently at the bakeshop outside the hotel. There are actually rumors that the hotel has no good foundation after the extension is built, the hotel is foreclosed and worst, it is haunted.hehehe.

I'd rather believe that it was foreclosed and a bank is selling it. Here is a detailed description of the hotel in the ad I saw online. If interested,click the link here.


1. Original 5-Storey Commercial Building: (Floor Area - 1,762
Ground floor is utilized as parking lot that can accommodate twelve(12) cars, reception hall, and lobby, and two (2) commercial spaces
2nd Floor used to be divided into offices of the hotel management.
3rd Floor to 5th Floor is partitioned into a total of twenty-two (22) rooms.

2. Annex building (6 Floors) (Floor Area - 4,566
- Basement, ground floor and 2nd floor are all utilized as parking area which can accommodate a total sixty (60) cars. The 3rd and 4th Floors are function halls that can accommodate up to 200 persons each. The fifth floor used to be the Grand Ballroom (theatre type function hall).

3. Main Hotel - 12-Storey Building (Floor Area: 10,172 The Main Hotel building is partitioned as follows:
Floor Use/Amenities
Basement Parking Area, water boiler, exhaust fans
Ground Floor Main kitchen, restaurant, 2 scenic elevators, 1 service elevator
Second Floor Employee cafeteria, stockroom, male/female quarters, employees CRs, locker room, F&B office, Engineering office, medical clinic, chapel, and 2 function rooms (for 60 persons)
Third Floor 1 linen/storage room & 15 guest rooms fully carpeted and with full amenities (refrigerator, TV set, CR, bed(s), sofa, chairs, cabinets, telephone, lamp shades, centralized aircon)
Fourth Floor 1 linen/storage room & 16 guest rooms fully carpeted with full amenities.
Fifth Floor 1 linen/storage room, 2 entertainer’s dressing rooms & 15 guest rooms fully carpeted with full amenities
Sixth Floor 1 linen/storage room & 16 guest rooms fully carpeted with full amenities
Seventh Floor 1 linen/storage room & 16 guest rooms fully carpeted with full amenities
Eight Floor 1 linen/storage room & 16 guest rooms fully carpeted with lighting fixtures and aircon but with no amenities (not utilized)
Ninth Floor 1 linen/storage room & 16 guest rooms partially carpeted with no amenities (not utilized)
Tenth Floor 1 linen/storage room & 16 guest rooms not carpeted with no amenities (not utilized)
Eleventh Floor Only 6 rooms are partitioned but not finished (not utilized)
Twelfth Floor Heroes Bar, Concorde Fuction room with mezzanine, mini gym, swimming pool and male/female bathrooms/CRs.
Roof deck Water tank, motor for elevators and Globe cellsite/office.

Breakdown of number of guest rooms:

Original Building


Main Building



No. of Rooms 22 126* 148**

It is sad to know that the hotel was once a tourist favorite. I really hope that it will be back in business soon. Proposed malls are sprouting everywhere and it would be nice to have a hotel around the area. It would mean more business and employment opportunities.

Friday, October 3, 2008


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The platform where I made the challenging plunge in Samal Island, Philippines. We traveled for almost 30 minutes riding in a jeepney for hire to Kaputian. The long travel was worth it when we saw the wonderful view and the horizon. Everything seems so small and we are on top of the world.

That's me taking the plunge and I don't know what the hell was going on in my mind that time. All I remember when I first tried it, I closed my eyes and my heart stopped beating.hehehe. After that, I was already addicted on the high and wonderful feeling doing the plunge.

The landing area in the zipline and the boat waiting will deliver us to land. After the heart stopping plunge, we must climb the very high and steep ladder to reach the zipline platform area. I tell you it's all worth it and will bet on it. I will try it again and will come back hopefully this year. (See? I can do anything!)

Thursday, October 2, 2008


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Our wacky pose in our office. Thank you for the webcam of Ms. Jen for capturing our candid moments in the office. I am really happy that all of us in the unit get along well with each other. There is never a dull moment and we find time to laugh and share jokes and stories. It eases up the boring tasks and stressful times in the office. We also bond by eating our favorite foods like crema de fruta and baked spaghetti. One of this days, I will pose the candid pictures of my officemates eating and very happy.

I guess having wonderful people around you makes you feel light and soo motivated. I really thank them for the joy, laughter and sometimes petty misunderstanding for making our group strong and bonded.

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