Monday, October 13, 2008


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This my aunt, Rotche. She married Lee Dong Koon, a Korean. She's happy in Korea right now and I am also happy for her. I just recently learned that she had a Friendster account. I enjoyed browsing through their pictures. The pictures here are from her account. She rarely visits Davao City and when she's in the Philippines, she usually drop by Manila or Agusan del Sur.

This pretty girl is Seme. Last time I saw her, she was just a baby. She's grown up now and very pretty. We even joked to my aunt before that she can be an actress because she's charming. Her father thinks otherwise. In South Korea, women must have a college degree in order to gain respect from the society. I believe she's smart, I talked to her on the phone before but I didn't understand some of the words she said. hehehehe.

The two pretty girls beside Seme are Sena and Sere. The three lovely ladies of the Lee family. They are so close with each other and they don't resemble one another. Ok, let me explain this. Seme looks like uncle Lee, Sena looks like my grandmother and the youngest child, Sere looks like my aunt. They are so adorable. I wonder if they will like me in person?

Anyway, I can probably talk to them the basic words I know in Korean like "Annyeong haseyo", "Kumawo", "Saranghe", "Bangapsumnidda","Chon ma neyo" etc.hehehe. Nose bleed anyone?



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