Friday, October 31, 2008


Posted by shierylssi at 10:01 PM

This is my first Mindanao Bloggers Summit. The funny thing is, I realize that I didn't print my MBS2 pass yet.huhuhu. It's already past midnight and decide to search on "24 hour internet cafe in Davao City" on Goggle. Good thing, there is one in Bonifacio St. My mind is still awake but I need to sleep. I haven't pack my bags yet and don't have any idea what to wear. I set my alarm at 3:30 am so that I can have time to go to Bonifacio St. before heading to our meeting place at McDonalds umbrella.

I got up early(earlier than my parents-HIMALA!) and had only 3 hours of sleep. I don't want also Junelle and Mam Tes to wait for me. My heart is beating fast too. What if that internet cafe is no longer there? or what if it is not open yet?huhhuhuhuh. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for a miracle. Haaayyy, salamat was the word my mind said out loud when I reached Bonifacio St. I quickly printed my pass and hailed a cab.

I reached McDonalds' umbrella just in time for a quick breakfast. I waited for Junelle and then it started to rain. Ok, fast forward...We reached the bus terminal at around 6am. We calculated that we will reach Gensan by 9am. (Yikes! we're an hour late for the registration). The bus ride was okay except that the air condition made me shiver. I managed to sleep a little in the bus.

We reached Gensan and my heart is beating fast again. My mind is racing and asking " Are we late?" or " What if people will stare at us while entering the room in the middle of a speaker's speech?"

Thank God, the registration is still on going by the time we reach the convention center. I bet nobody noticed that we were late.hehehe. We settled in front to get a glimpse of what is in store for us. After a few minutes, the program started...



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