Friday, October 31, 2008


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I went to General Santos City to attend the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit last October 25, 2008. Bloggers from different parts of Mindanao gather to learn, promote Mindanao awareness and get to know each other well. We registered at around 9am and everyone was already there. Soo many people and some face were a little bit familiar. The Summit lasted for day and the learnings are worth it. I am in awe with so many personalities around me and diverse talents.

After the summit, we visited the KCC Mall of Gensan and I bought some stuff which I forgot to bring.hehehe. (Trivia: While riding the motorcycle, we learned from the driver that few taxis only roam around the city. Once you board one, don't forget to get the calling card of the driver because you can't find a taxi around the city when you need one)

We had dinner at Family Country Hotel and after that, we danced the night away. Even though I am exhausted, I still managed to post something on my blog that night. Then off I go to bed after all the fun.

I woke up early because I am sooo excited. The Sunday itinerary was fun. We visited Gensan Fishing Port to catch the action and be amazed of all the gigantic bariles in the port. (FYI: The fishing port was well maintained because I didn't saw a single fly around the fishes. Squeaky clean huh?)

Now this place is breathtaking. The first thing that came into my mind when I saw this is a wedding reception . Hahahaha. Do I hear wedding bells? Nah...

You can see the horizon and marvel at the wonderful landscapes. I can stay in this place forever but with WIFI access (of course). How can let the world know what I feel if I can't blog?.hehehe.

I love this place but too bad, time is up. We have to move on to the People's Champ house and be amazed again.( I have a different post for Manny Pacquiao's house.Please watch out for it.) Ciao!

Photos courtesy of Mam Tes



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