Thursday, October 30, 2008


Posted by shierylssi at 8:24 AM
This picture was taken at the DigitalFilipino Club Fellowship Night. We attended the event because we learned that Ms. Janette Toral, the author of Blogging from Home book will grace the event. We really admire her and we want to learn more from her. It is the first bloggers event that I attended. I had so much fun but expected that it will last up to eleven in the evening.

The food was great and the people are so warm. PAGCOR sponsored the event and even gave away coupons in the raffle. Too bad, I don't the rules in the casino.hehehe. The event finished past 8pm and we stayed for a while to listen to the band. Charles took this picture while we are lounging and talking at the back. Thanks for the wonderful candid shot, Charles.

It was still early when we left so we decided to try the coffee shop in Damosa. Anyways, we ended the night by saying goodbye and promised to myself that I will buy Ms. Janette Toral's book one of this days.hehehehe.


Kevin Paquet said...

nakausap po ba kita dun?I'm kevin paquet nga pala. hope you had fun there :D


Anonymous said...

Great to know you had fun as I did =)

- -

Me, the islands and the world said...

ngeh! kumakalat na ang mukha ko sa internet hehehe! said...

Hello Shierly. I'm glad to know that you enjoyed the event. Here I am hoping for another one next year. Let's keep in touch!

Charles said...

Thanks a lot for the credit of the photo that I took that night. Glad to get to know you!
Visit also my new blog hope to see you there!


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