Saturday, October 4, 2008

Posted by shierylssi at 11:04 PM
Our favorite pastime aside from watching movies, eating and mall marathon. Singing videoke makes me relieve stress and a good way to bond with officemates. The singing session happened in Zed's Pizza and this is the last videoke house we checked out. All videoke houses we tried were full and people were waiting outside. We like the place and we forgot to try their house specialty, the pizza. We were so excited to sing and take pictures.

The place is not so friendly though, it's like a maze. hehehe. You have to pass so many stairs, doors and I don't know how many corners before you reach the room. If you're tipsy, you will be lost or might end up in the c.r instead of the stairs.

We'll check this place out again but I will try their pizza. I will post my review on their pizza and whatever I fancy.hehehe.Ciao!



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