Friday, May 21, 2010

FAILURE by Amanda Jordan

Posted by shierylssi at 4:28 AM
I feel it approaching
out of the darkness
out of the staleness
I see it first just as small as the light from a fire fly
It is a silent threat, not heard only felt
Like the storm you see quietly but forcefully
dancing on the horizon.
As it grows in its magnificence
My apprehensive heart beats against my chest
I feel it so close but I keep praying that it will stay far away
My heart pounds wildly until my breath escapes me
My life my existence has been nothing but a great paradox
leading to this moment in time.
There are so many
Their voices screaming in my mind
A thousand thoughts inside only one
How do I help them all
What if I allow one to fall.
Will it swallow them into the parade of lightning
into the abyss of blinding light
Will I too fall for not saving them
I always knew it was there
Safely waiting on the horizon
But I never felt this light would catch me this fast
I never thought the rain would fall upon my skin
But now here it is
Will I have the strength
Strength to make it go away
Only the agony of waiting for the future will tell
Just remember never let it come so close
That you can feel the mist upon you
Because the second you don't realize
the other end of the story
That is the second it grabs a hold on you.


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