Sunday, April 25, 2010


Posted by shierylssi at 3:43 AM
I used to have a guitar when I was in high school. It's a fad that time and I envy all my classmates strumming their guitar during school breaks. It's cool to be part of the hip and cool group. I hinted my father to buy me a guitar, he did granted my wish. I began practicing only to find out that really don't like guitar that much. It's crazy practicing all day and never getting the guitar chords right.

During summer break, my cousin would stop by the house and play all day on my guitar. It must have worn out my guitar, that some of the strings were broken. Eventually, the guitar broke into pieces due to some arrangement done at home. Nowadays, kids can learn how to play their guitars online. I miss my guitar so much but I don't know if I will still have the eagerness to learn though online tutorial. I have my other online obsession though, it's watching movies online.

I find it hard looking for movies in the video store especially if its classic and famous movies. I then search online for my favorite movies. So easy and will still give you the brilliant features an original DVD copy will. It just need patience to download the movies in order to share them to your family and friends.

As you grow older, your preferences and hobby will also differ. They will sometimes become complicated or more varied than before. It will surely make time worthwhile just like what I am doing right now-downloading the Sherlock Holmes movie for viewing later with my family. ciao!


Baby Bear said...

hehe same here...I also play guitar but I prefer watching vidz online rather than gaining callous on a guitar hehehe ;)

by the way can we exchange links? I already added you in mine..tnx..seeyah =)

shierylssi said...



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