Sunday, July 6, 2014


Posted by shierylssi at 9:34 AM
Things are pretty surprising and at the same time-exciting! Work is just so-so but it certainly is challenging because of the changes in the workplace. Enough of the work related issues, who knows what will happen tomorrow or the next month? so, I'll just sit back and relax while everyone's else is too preoccupied.

I am just getting this thing out of my mind- frankly my dear, (i don't give a there are many decisions I have made because I have been considering one factor for the past few months. Things that I somewhat regret that I should have done. Geezzz..I am really naive. At my age, I think I am still naive on that area. Okay, I am beating around the bush here and that is exacty my point. I'll leave it all up to your imagination. (that is if you have room for some imagination..hehehe)

Well, they said that maybe you need to decide more on something bigger but this "factor-that isn't even a factor" is hindering my thoughts. Crazy noh?

I need to go on a trip but that trip is not what I expected it to be. I need to decide to go to A or B..If I go to A, no more B next year. If I decide to go B then no A (which I think is tempting me at least!)

I have to decide on many things this year..not just trips, but a lot more important things. A lot of things are running in my mind. Things that keep me sane are food, online shopping, window shopping, online teaching and friends that are sane as I am.

I need to go on a roadtrip soon. Thinking of going somewhere a bit far so that I can listen to my playlist for more than one hour and go to that popular cafe once I get there. Go home before midnight (lol) and have some recollection on life. Might catch a foreign film one of these days and try to blog about it. ( well, I said TRY..) I need to bake cookies and also try kimbap before I get interested on other foreign recipe^^

I have to try Vietnamese food this year and that Japanese steak that screams- RARE!! (but I like mine well-done) or might try medium rare..

See? I have a lot in mind but these are just few of my crazy thoughts..The "factor" is still there and every now and then, I get rid of it but sometimes I am too friendly that I still entertain the

Oh, did I mention I am rooting for Netherlands? I am sure I haven't (I checked it!). Anyway, see you after the World Cup finals then..^^




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