Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Posted by shierylssi at 4:38 AM
A few days from now, it will be summer season. Just in time for that, I decided to cut my hair a little shorter because my long hair annoys me everyday. The frustrations and burdens disappeared the moment I cut my hair short. No, it has nothing to about being brokenhearted. I just felt a need a breather on things and it feels good that you have something new about yourself. I love summer because every time I hear the word it reminds me of blue sky, crystal clear beach, happy friends, laughter and some tan. I must admit I am not very good in keeping friends because I fail in the so called-communication. Whatever my shortcomings I just hope they will forgive for not so visible when the time they needed me.

Tonight, I felt that one of my dear friend treats me like a stranger. I don't know if it is just a simple "online tweet" misunderstanding tonight but I reached out to her. She tweeted she wants a movie buddy and I replied back to her saying "Nood tau!!when ka available?"(In English, let's watch!!!..when are you available"). She didn't replied but tweeted after a few minutes the words-"That's it. I think it's enough na." Hmmm...I wonder what she meant. I am not a psychic but I am not pathetic to feel that she doesn't want to see me. For the record since I cannot tweet my rants in Twitter and shout outs in Facebook, might as well be frank here. I don't know what your up to but it's not me you are angry at in the first place and don't make it look like I am against you and I am for Heloise. I am still trying to understand what happened between the two of you and as long as I don't hear your side-I am not favoring anyone.

You make feel sad again. Just when I thought the frustrations were gone and were left lying on the salon's floor. As of this moment, I still check my Twitter feed for your reply. Hope we can patch things up and I always treasure your friendship.



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