Saturday, January 10, 2009


Posted by shierylssi at 2:27 AM
In case you are all wondering what the hell happen to me??? I am okay..I'm a bit lazy this past few months. I am also setting up another blog which I will spill the details later on.

I am excited and at the same crossing my fingers on my new activity. I am slacking on my blog posts and I know that if my blog could only scream- it would scream "Kill me or else I will commit suicide".hehehehe.

I will not delete my two other blogs but I will certainly make another one..
Still thinking though what good topic to post..

Anyway, see yah around and I am coming back for good!!!Ciao!


Miah Laborte said...

hahaha.. apir! seldom ko na lang nauupdate din mga blogs ko... pero cgeg plurk noh? hahaha... tsk3...

Marites said...

atsus! am thinking of setting up a new blog too..tinatamad pa lang..hehehe!


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