Saturday, June 27, 2009


Posted by shierylssi at 11:56 PM
I am happy that I got an e-mail from that my blog is qualified to receive opportunities in blog advertising. It's not my first time doing blog advertising but it is my first time in this blog. I started this blog a few months ago and I haven't earned from paid advertising since then. I really want to promote something on my blog and I think blog advertising is a very good medium in getting the customers know what your product is.I am very privilege to get my blog enrolled in Thay don't only help bloggers but also advertisers in finding bloggers that will promote their product.

Internet is a very good medium in extending customer market and I learned that may people will go to your site especially if you have written a review on a product or a service. What I like about payingpost is that they pay you every first day of every month. You don't have to wait long enough if you have made you post near the payment schedule. They even have a surprise waiting if you have the best post about their site. I am hoping this post will be and I can't wait to start writing about products, services and websites that I like. They even have good instructions on how to go about your blog and the wonderful opportunities available once you register in their site. I like the website look and it's very fresh and accommodating feel.

I recently registered in their affiliate program and I can't wait to tell my friends about payingpost. You can also earn through affiliate program and I am hoping to promote payingpost in order to earn not only through my blog but also through affiliate program.
I am so excited to make my blog a part of the blog advertising



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