Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Posted by shierylssi at 5:04 AM

We were searching for a restaurant after eating durian in F. Torres. In order to satisfy our hungry stomachs, we decided to check near Bak-Bak and we discovered Redmoon restaurant near K1 KTV and Spa.

I know the upper viand looks gross but it taste delicious. I can't remember the name though. The oyster omelet at the side, taste weird but delicious if eaten with hot sauce.

That's Dennies Joy and me(happy face and stomach!hehehe)

I love their air conditioned room for quiet eating time but we decided to try their open space. They played loud dance and rnb music that makes me dance while eating. They also have a flat screen TV outside to catch some telenovelas after eating. Perfect place also for smokers and drinkers. Definitely worth the taste and price.Yum!



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