Sunday, August 18, 2013


Posted by shierylssi at 9:59 AM
It's been a while since I wrote something and if you have been reading some older posts I made...Some of my older blog posts have "It's been a while..." kind of introduction..hahahaha.It just shows the unmotivated blogger inside of me.

Anyway, just made a trip last month and I still have the intensity in me..(might put it into good use!) =P
Just a glimpse of where I went, I traveled SEA country again..but this time a lottle ( a lot and a little) urbanized. Can you guess? (drum roll please!) THAILAND and CAMBODIA...exciting huh?

Let's just say since I traveled alone, I always hit two birds in one stone..Okay, here is the situation. My first travel alone was in Singapore- first bird: sightseeing second bird: greener pasture and familiarity of the place..see?
My second travel alone was in Cebu..first bird:  CAMOTES ISLAND second bird: meeting my online Korean friend, LILA...
Last month travel in THAILAND and CAMBODIA..first bird: sightseeing  second bird: meeting my online Japanese students/friends/family in Thailand

How's that for idioms? Well, I will share all the details soon..How I survived my last month's trip with crazy schedule..Soo happy for the experience and I am hoping that all the people I met also cherished the memories I had with them..out for now, be back later not soon..*_^ Ciao!!



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