Thursday, August 11, 2011


Posted by shierylssi at 5:32 AM
A certified coffee freak-one word that would describe me when it comes to my relationship with coffee. I have this certain attachment with coffee. One reason it keeps me awake during sleepy hours. I don't really care if it is just Nescafe 3 in 1 or gourmet coffee as long as it keeps me awake. Another is that it really satisfies my sweet tooth especially with coffee blended drinks. I love the different tastes it brings to my mouth.

I recently heard that Mcdonald's will offer free coffee from August 8 to 12. My eyes beamed with excitement but the bad news is it's only available at 4am-10am...Haist, what am I gonna do? I only have tomorrow to avail the promo. I have to get that coffee or else...hmmmm...I will pay for the coffee next time I go to Mcdo and maybe...end up frustrated?(well so much for excuses). I guess I'll just blame myself for not trying the coffee tomorrow and I should associate it with laziness. It's difficult to wake up on a rainy cold morning and just the word of that makes me want to cuddle back in bed. huhuhu. By the way, I only have two coupons in bag right now. I already gave the rest of the coupons away and hoping that person I gave it to will also wake up early tomorrow.Hope my alarm clock works tomorrow or should I say I hope I will wake up to the alarm clock tomorrow...hehehe..Ciao pips and 'till next coffee adventure.



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