Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Posted by shierylssi at 6:43 AM
Just in case you might be wondering what happened to my fascination with coffee, well....it turned out good. Not really excellent or superb but just good. I would like to reason out on that and I blame it on my early morning walk and early wake up call. I hate mornings but I love coffee..hehehe..So, to make it work I tried to wake up and I did have my fill of the much coveted McDo coffee.

Though it sounds crazy but I like their coffee but with two creamer and three small packets of sugar, in short like a Nescafe 3 in 1. I know you may think that I should have bought Nescafe instead-but it taste different...maybe because of the Arabica blend that they boast of. Hmmm..I can still imagine it's aroma and creamy taste. Anyway, it costs P25(but mine's free) for an 8oz cup and very good to wake up your sleepy nerves. hehehe. Well, it's nothing to boast of but I usually try food to see if they taste good and this made me realize that it's not bad like the Dunkin Donuts coffee(OOpppss!!!). So far, I can now change my usual hot choco into coffee every time I eat breakfast at McDonalds.(just don't ran out of creamer and sugar or else end up restless). Ciao Pips!!!



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