Sunday, April 24, 2011


Posted by shierylssi at 5:22 AM
When did this started? I would probably list all the wonderful memories of our love-hate relationship before...I developed my teeny weeny infatuation of you-the moment I rode with you on the tricycle.(you'd freak out by now if you read this..hahaha, I can't really figure out how to say this but for the meantime-while preparing for my courageous speech..let me just post it here)=)

Had to lend you a P10 before just to be part of the Dancesport Group but you didn't kept your promise...instead we had a tag of "hair" war just to get my P10...good thing my hair's strong..hehehe. You also persuade me to take the AdDU exam because you already had your schedule..(I thought, how sweet!) You helped me out but in the end, our schedules are not the same..haaayyy. Due probably of your frustration of the schedules, you ask me to walk to the school gate first and pretend we didn't arrive together. Gosh, I hate you for that..but then again after a few looked amazing again.(cheshire cat grin)

Fast forward to college days, I never had news about you but I know that you are studying in school that your mother wants..hahaha. (You even asked me to study at the nearby school...what were you thinking that time?)

Just in time for my new job in invited me out but you let me pay...(I forgot my little infatuation of you that time and felt that it's a friendly gesture to do so..)We met up and my golly, you awaken that sleeping heart of went restless and nevertheless...I will always remember that day. We had endless talks on the phone that time and I will always treasure that.

Now your in a country that's camels exist...(not on the wandering on the roads though) and we had this little communication in a social networking site called Facebook.(Thank you, Mr. Zuckerberg) I just go on wondering if what it would be like to say this all to you. I can't even have the courage to say or even pinch your cheeks(FYI: I promised myself to pinch you the day I see you again) last April 11. I am still looking forward to seeing you again and will be holding on to the promise that we will eat out. Maybe, during that time I can say all the things I want to say..I miss you right now and will still be missing you-unless your Facebook account says "It's complicated or In a relationship".(sad face)

PS: I still have your college graduation photo...will ask you to sign it(baka kasi sabihin nilang ninakaw ko..hahaha)



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