Friday, April 29, 2011


Posted by shierylssi at 6:19 AM
I sometimes feel that online life is very boring as well as reality..hehehe. Facebook isn't that exciting anymore but I get to connect with friends that is why I go online. After Facebook, whatever I fancy that will be next. If I want to look at fashion sites, I usually devote my time in sites like People, Instyle and Lucky. If I also get a little creative, I go to Looklet, Littlemissdressup and Streetpeeper. Those sites I really go to from time to time and by the way, I also like Stylebible(I almost forgot this Philippine fashion site.)

On days that I feel so patient, I go to a movie site where I can watch free movies and even download it. I don't download though especially movies because they say it contains more that it has.(hope you get what I mean..)

Today, I feel blah and I want to let my heart jump...hahaha..not the happy jump though.I am watching Scream 4. Just by the title, it means horror...I really love this and would love to watch this over and over again..It's my high school scary movie and now, it's back. Hope to jump...(with pun intended) Ciao!



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