Thursday, May 5, 2011


Posted by shierylssi at 6:28 AM
I learned so much about this word in my Marketing class, way back in college. My professor told us that sometimes a word can have different meanings or sometimes a sentence. One should say-no pun intended to tell someone that it has no other meaning.

Today, I suddenly remembered this word when I encountered a situation where a person reacted on a word that is commonly used in the area. She asked to refrain answering that word because it has a different meaning. I was shocked...I began to question why and certain thoughts came into my mind like "is she really thinking about that when we answer like that everyday?". It's funny because that person involved is someone mature and should deal with the word professionally. I really want to frown and laugh at the same time...It sounded like a joke in the office because someone answered back and got what she was really referring to. It sounded weird.

Before I made this post, I instantly look up the word because I knew that both word is spelled differently but pronounced the same. Yes, according to my's entirely different. It's just how the person thinks it is and how it used in a sentence. Now I strongly believe there's nothing wrong with it. So, from this day forward....I am still gonna use the word. Better look up the word first before reacting...okay? I will just make you look so mature in content(pun intended)=)

FYI: The word is sounds like cumming(for her)...(Puhlllezzzz...)



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