Thursday, May 12, 2011


Posted by shierylssi at 6:23 AM
I am so excited with the newest mall in Davao City, Abreeza. I had the most tiring mall marathon ever. My officemates went after office hours and looked around. We saw may stores like Debenhams, Aldo, Esprit, La Senza and much more. Boy, my eyes did have fun but my legs ached. My stomach also complained after a few hours of walking and it's not even part of my plan to dine in one of the food stalls. I am so overwhelmed and felt like I'm in a different place and time. The place didn't fail me and I am so excited for the upcoming stores that will open soon. For the meantime, I am already eyeing a pair of shoes in Payless...and better grab that one soon..see you around Abreeza...Ciao!


rafiel dilo said...

I like this personal blog, its encourages me.


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