Thursday, May 5, 2011


Posted by shierylssi at 6:43 AM
Somewhere, somehow I lost my way
Along lifes path I fear
But carry on I will today
Where shall I go from here?

Go West, go West, like days of old
Brave men did clear a trail
They went with hopes of finding gold
Most searched to no avail

Head South where warm waves lap the shore
Where pirates hid their loot
Rum and jewels from days or yore
Lay buried 'neath the root

Out to the East, the Maritimes
Fishermen ply their trade
And jot down many salty rhymes
You'd think they had it made

Yet to the North the ice adn snow
Call me day and night
It's North I think I have to go
In order to be right

The barren land so desolate
Where jus the strong get by
Decisions made with skill and wit
Might mean that you don't die

Though searching for myself it seems
To carry on in vain
And nightly even in my dreams
My tears still flow like rain

But where I've gone it matters not
I'm there and that's the fact
I have to take what life has brought
And happy I must act

Yet happiness and I won't meet
Only the rarest day
Not games I play nor food I eat
Brings joy in any way

Direction doesn't matter though
It's in my head I'm lost
Define myeslf I must I know
Regardless of the cost

My life's been lived fro the most part
Both out of space and time
In bygone days and works of art
The era that was mine

Paintings, pictures, and books I've read
Tells where I should have been
In an age long long dead
I'm sure that was my scene

To travel to a different place
Or to a different time
I wish I could by some sweet grace
Go back in more than rhyme

This world today, this modern age
There's little for me here
I search and search, a war I wage
Myself, my hope, my fear

The day will come, i'm sure it will
When from myself I'm wrest
At peace, at calm, on waters still
Then I'll be at my best




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