Saturday, November 26, 2011


Posted by shierylssi at 8:54 AM
This year will probably be the most adventure year of me yet. For one, I am determined to get my goals and I am slowly realizing them. Last November 07, 2011, I made the most daring and risky decision to travel alone on my birthday. Yes, you are probably thinking-I am crazy but I don't really care at all. It actually started when I scheduled my leave on my birthday. I decided to spend on something remarkable.

I decided to book a trip to Singapore. I am a bit excited when I did it but also afraid of what I am going to experience there. So, the date and the trip was set. Only few chosen friends know where I am going on my birthday. I know my parents were a bit scared but they had a feeling too that I am going to be okay. I felt so independent and mature that time. I had to do it for the reason that I want to feel what it's like to be alone in a very highly urbanized country. I am actually hitting many birds that time. I wanted to travel alone, check. I wanted to travel abroad, check. I want to feel what Singapore life is, check and I want to feel independence, check.

Now I realize that if you don't do it then you can't really say how difficult or easy it is. You should experience it. I felt so alive and recharge after doing it. I am sure that I can take on the world and I can do things unimaginable. As of this moment, I am still in awe with myself. I can't even believe that I actually did that.hehehe. Some people I know told me that I am so gutsy, some even said that I am so crazy and some people said that they envy me so much. Whatever they think about what I did, I can say to them that I am proud of what I did...hhmmmm...a good friend of mine asked me.."so now that you are had tried traveling alone, where will you go next time?"...Actually, I have no idea yet but I am thinking of another Asian country..hehehe..



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