Friday, December 30, 2011


Posted by shierylssi at 10:08 PM
  1. Passport-helped in my travel in the following months
  2. Hilary’s debut- made new friends and helped me realized my potential as an events organizer
  3. Singapore e-mail: made me realize that I can actually work there and explore the city
  4. Genetics Computer: helped me in discovering other areas of computer graphics. It made me want to learn more about graphics, web designing and video.
  5. Family outing in EDEN: made my family happy and took time out from the stressful work
  6. Good health and body in the way of the Cross: I make sure I participate in it every year. Thank GOD for the good health and body during the Way of the Cross.
  7. Summer Outing in Maxima: It was so fun and we were so happy. I am happy to participate in this.
  8. ABREEZA: Thank GOD for ABREEZA…Now, it’s nearer and very convenient to shop pretty things in DAVAO.
  9. NESTLE Film Anthology: I made me ponder on life and the little lessons the movie gave me. I am happy to share it with a good friend, Glecyl who was very supportive in everything.
  10. Red Ribbon of documents: I didn’t really use them but I know that it will help me next year.
  11. New international friends: They make me closer to where they are. I am happy when I receive some of their messages and I am excited and looking forward to seeing some of them here in Davao.
  12. Part time job: It’s probably one of the best blessings I have received this year. I have waiting for this for years? And finally I meet some good friends through this while earning.
  13. Blog opportunities: My blog friends multiplied through blogging and I am happy that I have also earned ample amount for this year. I love every moment in blogging.
  14. Friends: This year, I had the chance to meet friends from different groups. Attended Lorna’s wedding and chitchat the whole night. I miss you guys!!mwaaahh!! I also attended Loise’s wedding and meet the whole gang. My LCRMD friend also makes me sane and alive every day. I couldn’t thank them enough for the laughs and the not-very-boring day at work. I will treasure my friends and they are every day blessings.
  15. Travel solo: I am really proud of what I did. I am really looking forward for my next adventure. I love myself more and I am surprise of what I am capable of. AJA!!
  16. Parents: When no one listens, they are there. My best friend and confidante. I’ll treasure them and won’t trade them for anything in the world.

I know there are still lots of things to be thankful for. I just hope that we should look at the brighter side of 2011. I am very happy that I came out of 2011 very blessed though with some tough times but I am still alive!!!I just hope 2012 will turn out well for me. I am so excited for no obvious reason but I am just setting my mind that something very good is coming my way. Thank you Lord for all of the things you have let me experience and all the blessings. I want to thank you in advance for all the blessings that are coming this 2012. Bring it on 2012!!*woot*woot*



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