Friday, December 30, 2011


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It’s been a while since my last movie review. Just in time for the holidays, I have been planning to stimulate my mind through watching meaningful movies and maybe some tragic love story in between. Yes, call me emo or very melodramatic but I guess it goes well with the chilly and no-one-around-to-hug season. Anyway, to make this very lengthy introduction a little lengthy, I decided to download some movies online. I downloaded One Day, P.S. I Love You, Lost in Translation, Great Expectations and Never Let Me Go. Okay, now here is the part where I explain why I downloaded them. I have always been curious about One Day and Never Let Me Go because of their bestselling books, while P.S. I Love You and Lost in Translation came in mind when I stumbled upon them on Youtube and lastly, Great Expectations has great memories. I have always loved the movie ever since high school. I want to watch all over again. Enough said, I am very much into movies now. It makes my brain steady for a few minutes after doing some talking on Skype. Recently, my mind’s going hay wired that I cannot simply shut it out especially if I am in deep thoughts. It speaking in English and it makes me want to blurt it out but of course I can’t or I might look foolish talking to myself. I am so into talking in English lately that even my mind speaks and talks and even answers on its own. Hahahaha. I am not crazy or anything but I probably my mind is so active that I sometimes need to talk it out or write it in my blog-which I am doing right now. hehehehe.

I’d probably blame this situation I am to a person who is equally very entertaining and interesting to talk to. He is a typical guy but he loves to talk about anything and my golly, he has lots of vocabulary words than I am. He is very stimulating and very deep like a massage to an aching body. Hahahaha, bad metaphor!! I like it when he speaks his mind and talks about anything and then making it into something interesting. I can talk to him probably the whole day and all night without getting bored. (Of course, I haven’t tried this one yet!) He is very vocal and very straightforward in his thoughts. I like it but sometimes I get irritated when he talks about how poor our country is. Aarrrggggh! Aside from that, no other issues though. You might be thinking I am smitten. Yes, probably I am but never in my wildest dream that it will become a reality. Admit it gals-there is only two types of person we tend to fall for-the funny guy and the smart guy and the other things just follows. Whatever situation I am in right now, I just hope it will make me happy in the long run. Sometimes, I don’t care if I am broke or sad or ugly as long as I can speak my mind. I hope he will not get tired talking to me or me getting tired of him. I am excited to go home today. Hahahaha…What can I say? I think it is already an addiction.



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