Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Posted by shierylssi at 8:22 AM
I vow this month to take care of my skin and get enough sleep. I lack sleep because I have a late class every night. I enjoy it so much but it's taking its toll on my skin. My eyes look deep and dark, and if I put a little eyeliner and it gets smudge-I would look like a raccoon. Hahaha..A sleepy raccoon.

Anyway, I think my Pond'd morning cream doesn't work well anymore and my Maybelline loose powder makes my skin looks dry. I will try the Human Nature night collagen cream to see if my skin will be better and I bought a Human Nature toner for oily skin to see if it will eliminate oil in my oily skin. (I have some breakouts lately and St. Ive's can't even stop it!haist) I just hope my skin will be back to it's normal self. How can I look presentable if my skin looks so dull? I've tried many products and I hope this new cream and toner will give me remarkable result so that my search will be over. Waaahhh...Now, I have to sleep or else I will yawn the whole morning in the office. Ciao!!!



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