Sunday, January 29, 2012


Posted by shierylssi at 8:28 AM
I have known you for like more than three months now. Your family's been good to me and I can't even believe that it is easy to deal with people like you. I have been very timid before and admittedly, I have some negative thoughts about your kind. I just to let you know(in case you read this blog!) that I have been so happy for the past months that I have talked to you and your family. Your sister and mother are very kind. I feel so happy every time I finish talking to them and they say nice things to me. This is the most wonderful part of being a teacher and I will always treasure this all my life. My greatest dream now is to go to your country and meet your sister and your mother. I just hope it will come true.

You told me the other night that I might ran away. I want to tell you that very minute that I will not because it just very hard to let go now. Sometimes if you become very comfortable, it becomes part of your system. I want to say to you that after three months of talking, I still get jitters every time you booked my class and every time we talk. hahahaha..Crazy right? Okay, call me crazy but it's just probably me. I guess you don't feel that way. I just liked what you said today-You ran from the station to your house just to get to my class...awwww!!You had me at that situation. Just tell me to stay and I will stay but if you get tired of me, just tell it to me gently. For now, I'll do my best to teach you and your family and hope you'll keep me in your heart forever!!Ayasuminasai KM san....



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