Monday, November 24, 2008


Posted by shierylssi at 4:49 AM
I am not going to share to you my first crush, my first kiss or whatever chessy stuff I have in mind...I am going to share my upcoming FIRST and my feelings about it . Okay, my first first is the wedding of a good friend where I am going to be a bridesmaid. Yes, you heard it right..It's my first. Some of my college girlfriends haven't married yet ( I don't know when they will settle down but we have been betting on each other, who will be the first.LOL). I felt happy and yet nervous about the idea walking down the aisle. (feeling bride?) hehehe. Anyway, charge it to experience ika nga nila. Hoping to post some of the pics here in the future.

My another first is riding an airplane. We will be celebrating Araw ng Davao 2009 in Boracay. For many years, I am always here in Davao during this celebration. Go to Kaan Dawet, party with friends and watch the parade etc etc...

This time I am going out of town for a change. Due to some overprotective reasons of my parents, I haven't tried riding an airplane/travel on a plane before. Call them weird but their just protective of their unica hija(?). Since we already booked the flight and I am estatic about it.. they just let me do it. Ang dami kung rason like "Kelan pa pala ako mag tratravel if matanda na ako".. and also " Chance ko na ito, mura lang ang flight at Boracay pa!" hehehe. Any first time expereince can make you nervous big time.

Travelling makes me nervous...but, Boracay? It makes me giddy. I have been dreaming of Boracay ever since I know that the island exist. Super wish and dream ko talaga ito. We have been planning our itinerary in Boracay and Iloilo. We want to make the most of our summer 2009 visiting places. I know..I know it's 3 months away but I believe that it pays to be prepared than sorry in the end. I really hope things will turn out smoothly. I also hope that we will have fun and having friends around makes me wanna let loose. Hoping to meet new friends along the way (wink, wink) and also memories to cherish forever. This is gonna be FUN!!!



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