Friday, November 28, 2008


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Can you imagine what I looked like last Wednesday when I saw in the movie billboards, Bolt! and Twilight? My eyes are beaming with delight and I can't wait for Thursday.

I have been waiting for this two movies and I am very eager to watch. I remember my friend, July talking about a cartoon movie. Later I found out that she was talking about Bolt! and I got very excited. Come Saturday, I had a chance to see on TV the making and a glimpse of the movie. I learned that Miley Cyrus will voice Penny( Bolt's owner) and John Travolta as Bolt!. Cool!

The story was about a dog named Bolt, which was adopted by a girl named Penny. They became stars but all the scenes in the TV series were made for Bolt believe that he was a super dog with extraordinary powers. Bolt really believed everything especially the scene where Penny was kidnapped by the green eye villain. Due to his eagerness to rescue Penny, he jumped out the trailer and was accidentally shipped to New York City. He wanted to find Penny but on the way, he met a cat named Mittens, who looked like the sidekick of the green eye villain. He insisted that they must go together to find Penny and the villain. On the way to Hollywood, they met Rhino( the hamster) who is fanatic of Bolt!. He watched all Bolt! TV episodes and begged for Bolt to let him come with him. Their friendship was tested on the way but they never left each other. Bolt then learned that he was not super at all and he has no super powers. The journey to Hollywood taught him to know himself more and learn that friendship is very diverse.

I wasn't disappointed at all. It was hilarious and the characters were all cute. (especially the hamster even though it kinda look old.) I like the animation, the story and the learnings of the movie. The kids in the moviehouse didn't laugh as much as I did. hahaha. I like the super hero attitude of Bolt! and the bravery of Rhino(the hamster). The laugh of Rhino still echoes in my mind..hehehe.


Ebony said...

Sounds like you also love movies, just like me.


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