Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Posted by shierylssi at 5:18 AM

Today, I realize that not all things are bad. You may think that the world has turn its back on you and that the only way is to give up. We may see situations negatively but others feel that you are lucky. Sasabihin mo na " Kung alam mo lang..." to let them know that it is really okay.

How do you really define contentment and happiness? How about stability? They say that man is never contented. Once you get what you want, you will find another thing na naman that you want. The process is never ending and it doesn't stop until you stop it. Happiness also differs depending on a person. Others find happiness in family, in GOD, in food, in friends and even the most simple things. Mahirap talaga i-explain yet we find this essential in our life.

I remember being caught with the question.."What is stability for you?". I personally don't know. In work, mainly it is the security of tenure. That is stability for some but I knew people who have worked their ass out yet, in the end the benefits reap in their retirement is not enough. For love, some says it is the term of the relationship. I can say it is not the mere factor to stability. This topic is the long debated topic in our office nook. hehehe. Ewan basta mahirap din i-explain ang GUGMA

We are responsible for all the actions we make and someone told me recently that whatever I do must be according to what I envision myself. Contentment cannot be measured by how rich you are but how you value what you have. Happiness is finding light even in situations that are really pitch black and lastly, Stability is being aware of the opportunities around and strong attitude that you can stand after each fall.

So I am shrugging off all negative thoughts and make each day an opportunity. I should look at my goal and see to it that what I am doing is leading to it. Make the most of the day and be responsible for my actions.

I am really thankful for the wonderful person that gave me such wonderful insight. I didn't considered her offer but what she offered me was a chance to know and dig myself. That moment a lightbulb light up and it made me lighter.



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