Saturday, November 8, 2008


Posted by shierylssi at 5:29 AM

This is the Pearl Marina bridge that I am walking on and you have to pass by this bridge in order to reach Pearl Farm. You might be thinking that I going to Pearl Farm but nope, I am not but for whatever reason, our Christmas party will be held in Pearl Farm Marina. It is like the universe saying that I will be going to Pearl Farm soon.(hehehe.Assuming kaau).

Anyway, I liked the place and I don't know if there are new facilities in the Marina but I am sure that I will enjoy the party. It is supposed to be Summer in Christmas. I overheard that there will be fire dancers, floating candles, parasols by the beach and reggae/bossa nova music. I can't hardly wait for it..Ohhh wait, I have to find a dress for the event. Ciao! (Note: will be posting pictures of the party soon)


Kevin Georg Paquet said...

Woa... Pearl Farm.. I wonder when my last time was being there. Mga 3+ years na jud.. prmise, wlay atik.. :D

Mabuhay Kabataan!

marites1034 said...

in fairness, nalibog pa ko asa ang Pearl Farm Marina hehehe! confusing ang mga infos. i got a tag for you in my bravejournal blog pala.


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