Saturday, November 29, 2008


Posted by shierylssi at 1:47 AM

Its Jolibee once again..Jollibee has been part of our office since Family Day 2008 at the People's Park opening. I was about to laugh when I heard the news the it is going to be in People's Park. but I didn't expect that I will be awed by the place.(Note:You should have seen People's Park before, it's way far from what it is now) The kids had fun and we had the chance to take pictures with Jollibee and in the People's Park grounds. We were joking that the picture is for Friendster purposes (actually, it is true..this picture is in my Friendster account.hehehe).

This coming December 18, 2008, our office will have Salo-Salo at the Office to have a uniform celebration for the entire office around the Philippines. Funny is that for the first time, we will start the Salo-Salo simultaneously with other branches. So I am expecting TV screens and live feed of the Salo-Salo.Hmmmm..very high tech na ang Pag-IBIG Fund.

Due to the global economic crisis, the management decided that instead of spending the budget to have a glamorous and expensive party, we will just have a Salo-Salo at the office and feast on Jollibee. All the Hawaiian ideas disappeared and I am saying adios to Pearl Farm Marina.huhuhu.

Anyway, I believe that Christmas is not measured by the gifts you receive, the foods at your table or how expensive is the venue of your party. I think it is the togetherness and love of the people around you. We should set aside whatever misunderstandings we have in the past and move on. Share your love to others and be a friend to them. I just wish we always celebrate everyday as if it was Christmas and I hope that I'll never get tired of Jollibee.


Kevin Paquet said...

eww..Jollibee..MakaKFC kasi ako.. hehe..
atik lang..

hytek nga ang salo salo nyo, si Jolibee? andun pwin? hehe

shierylssi said...

yup..funny talaga kc parati sya ang kinukuha ng office. purga kaau!!!hehehe.

BTW, love KFC too..

don_Ser said...

wow... nakita ko na si jollibee once lang. hehe


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